Drew Dober Defeats Frank Camacho By Unanimous Decision At UFC On FOX 27

Drew Dober slugged his way to a unanimous decision victory against the game Frank Camacho tonight at UFC On FOX 27.

Round One:

Both men looking to trade strikes to start this main card opener off. A few strikes miss, but they both start to land leg kicks and Dober connects to the face with a punch.

Short series of punches inside from Camacho and then works the clinch position to the cage. Now Camacho works a trip takedown and ends up in side control close to the cage.

Dober works back to his feet and creates space. Both men swinging heavy leather. Camacho looking for uppercuts. Kick for Dober. left hand gets through for Dober. Now an inside leg kick.

Dober goes for the clinch, but soon breaks away. Camacho threatens with the uppercut again. He moves back into the clinch and Dober tries for a big elbow inside. Camacho secures the same trip takedown again, this time in the center of the Octagon.

Camacho in side control and looking to pass to side control. He doesn’t quite manage it and ends up in Dober’s full guard. He tries to pass again and Dober looks for a possible submission, but there’s nothing doing right now. Dober back to his feet in the final 10 seconds and they both exchange punches, with one catching Dober clean and buckling his legs just before the bell.

Round Two:

Punches exchanged to open the second round. Dober tries for a head kick that’s blocked. Dober trying for the takedown from the clinch. He goes for the throw, but Camacho reverses the position and ends up on top.

However, it’s not long until Dober gets back upright and starts working from striking range again, landing a left hand. Another left cracks him and all of a sudden Camacho looks to be struggling a bit out there.

Dober lands a few more punches, but Camacho stays upright. left hand for Dober and a counter from Camacho. Dober in again and Camacho connects with a couple of solid shots that get his opponent’s attention.

Nonetheless, Dober continues to be the aggressor and puts together more punches on the tiring Camacho. He’s game though and is still looking for offense of his own, even though his strikes are more telegraphed now.

Nice right hook for Dober and then a few jabs. A left hand gets through and Camacho retaliates with a head kick attempt. Body head combo for Dober.

They exchange a hard punch apiece to the face. Both sporting bloody noses at this stage in the fight. A flurry of punches from both men and it’s a right hand from Dober that makes the biggest impact.

Round Three:

Early exchange of strikes and Dober is now bleeding from his left eyebrow. Camacho looks to have a little more energy in this round. They go into the clinch and Camacho goes three for three in trip takedown attempts in teh fight.

As in the previous rounds, Dober gets up without taking any real damage though. leg kick for Dober. Right hand for Camacho. He clips Dober with another right hook and then a knee.

Now it’s a left hand from Dober as they continue to tee off on each others head. Jabs for Dober. Now a spinning kick attempt to the body. Hard one-two for Camacho.

Kee to the body from Camacho as Dober looks for punches. Knee to the body for Camacho. Uppercut for him. Good uppercut from Dober now. leg kicks for Dober and one to the body for Camacho.

solid left hand for Dober. Hard body kick for Camacho. Series of punches land for Camacho and then one in return from Dober. One final punch apiece with the bigger blow coming from Dober.


Spirited performance from both men here, continuing to slug it out despite eating plenty of punches along the way. The judges are unanimous in their verdict though and Drew Dober emerges with the victory (29-28 x2, 30-27).

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