Drew Dober KO’s Bobby Green In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 216

Bobby Green was handily winning his fight against Drew Dober tonight at UFC Fight Night 216, right up until the moment in the second round when Dober unleashed a powerful left hand that KO’d him.

Round One:

Leg kick from Dober and one from Green. Green lands a good punch. Dober gets the body lock and goes for a takedown, but Green does very well to end up on top. Dober pops back up quickly though.

Jab for Dober. left hand from Green. Dober with a leg kick. Green steps in and lands a jab. Dober feeling out with push kicks to the leg. His left hand is finding the mark frequently.

Dober steps in and eats a very big punch. Dober not finding his mark nearly so much. Another one-two for Green. Dober does finally land a big punch of his own. Dober with some blood around the face though.

Left hand for Dober, but Green connects with a good right on the counter. Green catches a kick, but doesn’t fully commit to driving for a takedown off it.

Green’s timing on point as he keeps landing to Dober’s increasingly bloodied face as he comes into range. Dober does land one power punch, but there’s much more volume and accuracy from Green.

leg kick for Dober. Flurry from Green but not connecting that time. He does land to teh body though. Push kick to the body for Green. He lands it again.

Round Two:

Hard punch from Green and Dober responds with a good one of his own. Leg kick for Dober. Dober trying to let his hands go, but Green catches him again with his sharp counter.

Jab for Green. Both clash with kicks. Push kick from Green but Dober lands a punch afterwards. Green misses a punch and as he looks for a push kick Dober lands a spinning backfist.

Body kick for Green. Nicely timed punches from Green. Dober opts to clinch up against the cage, but Green breaks free.

Right hook counter for Green. Leg kick for Dober. Left hand for Dober and a kick from Green. Straight left for Green. Dober punches back but not as cleanly.

Body kick for Green. A couple of clean right hands from Green with his back to the cage and then starts to utilize head movement side-to-side, but Dober unleashes a thunderous left and it lands flush to the jaw, flooring Green for a big KO victory out-of-the-blue at 2.45mins of the second round.

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