Eryk Anders Defeats Gerald Meerschaert By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 161

Eryk Anders narrowly scraped past Gerald Meerschaert tonight at UFC Fight Night 161 by split decision.

Round One:

One-two for Meerschaert. Hard left had gets through for Anders. Inside leg kick from Anders now. The jab lands from Meerschaert.

Both men land and it’s Anders that lands hardest. Meerschaert with a left hand. Body shot for Anders.

Anders with another body punch as Meerschaert throws a kick. Anders lands and seems to trouble Meerschaert. He lands another strike and Meerschaert goes down, but he’s back up again soon afterwards.

Anders connects with the left and Meerschaert’s legs seem to buckle a little, but then he unsteadily goes into a takedown attempt that doesn’t pay off.

Uppercut for Anders. Another uppercut gets through. Meerschaert still throwing but struggling to find the target. He does land one single punch though.

Anders overcommits to a punch and Meerschaert lands a couple of glancing counters.

Nice head kick attept from Anders and then punches behind it. Anders swarming on Meerschaert but can’t find the finish before the round ends.

Round Two:

Anders taking the center of the cage. Short flurry from Meerschaert though. Missed uppercut from Anders and then simply shoves Meerschaert off-balance.

Left hand lands for Anders as the exchange momentarily. Short combo from Meerschaert without much sting behind it. Leg kick for Meerschaert. Anders lands his own kick.

Right hook from Meerschaert. Leg kick for Anders. Grazing punches from Anders and then a solid leg kick. Another connects.

Left hand from Meerschaert. Now doubles the jab and tries for a 1-2. Cuffing hooks land and Anders misses a kick.

Jab for Meerschaert. Another missed kick from Anders. Anders trying to turn up the heat, but it’s Meerschaert who lands a counter instead.

left hook lands hard for Anders and Meerschaert connects with a hard body kick just as the round ends that appears to hurt his opponent.

Round Three:

Left hand for Anders and then tries for a leg kick. One-two for Meerschaert. Body punch for Meerschaert. Anders struggling a bit to find his mark, but then lands a solid uppercut and another punch behind it.

The two men trade at close range and Meerschaert actually lands well. Anders with a punch and kick combo as he starts to feel his way back into the fight here. However, Meerschaert lands another body kick and that’s still troubling for Anders.

Anders lands with the left. Leg kick for Meerschaert. Left hand for Anders. Right hand from Meerschaert. Body punch for him now.

Anders with a power punch that misses and Meerschaert’s counter wobbles him. Meerschaert still picking his shots though.

left hand for Anders and a body kick. Anders into a flying knee and trying everything he can to battle back in the final seconds of the round without landing.


The results are in and it’s a split decision, with Anders getting the win and Meerschaert unlucky not to come away with more after a good performance.

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