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Frankie Edgar Still In The Featherweight Title Picture Says Dana White

Frankie Edgar suffered a major blow, both literally and figuratively when he was KO’d for the first time in his career by Brian Ortega earlier this year, but according to Dana White that hasn’t shut down the chance of another title opportunity for ‘The Answer.’

“If you look at Frankie Edgar right now, the guy’s ranked number three in the world,” White said on the UFC Unfiltered podcast. “He’s still right in there, and you know how sh-t happens in this business, man.

“Ortega’s next, but imagine if anything happens to those guys and Frankie stays in shape, he could absolutely dive in there for a title shot. You never know what’s gonna happen.”

White also gave Edgar props for stepping up to fight Ortega in the first place after his original title fight opportunity against Max Holloway fell through.

“He’s a f—ng stud. That’s what you do. When you’re a professional fighter and you believe you’re one of the best in the world, you fight anybody. And that’s what he did, he took the fight with Ortega.”

“It ain’t like the old days, man. Back when Matt Serra and those guys were fighting. It’s a different world now, and a lot of these guys just want to f—ng sit out and wait because they have the money to do it. And I respect the guys that step up like Frankie Edgar, and that’s why people love Frankie Edgar. He stepped up and took a fight when he didn’t have to and he did, and that’s why people love him.”

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