Neil Magny Defeats Geoff Neal On the Scorecards At UFC On ESPN 24

Neil Magny showcased his savvy veteran skills tonight at UFC On ESPN 24 as he outworked Geoff Neal to win on the scorecards.

Round One:

Body kick for Magny. He lands another as Neal is pressing forward. Magny looking to punch, but Neal catches him with a one-two that backs him up.

Neal pressing into the clinch against the cage. Magny lands a knee and then tries to work a trip, but Neal stays upright.

Neal backs up and then starts to let his hands go nicely. He rests and then fires off another heavy combination.

Neal back into the clinch against the cage now. Magny trying for a trip, but again it’s not working for him. They jockey for position and Neal seems to be the stronger here for now.

Finally they break apart. Magny with a few punches and a kick. Punches from Magny coming off the guard and Neal then gets into the clinch and walks him over to the cage.

Magny suddenly bursts into a takedown. He switches to his back and Neal goes down to one knee. Magny lands a couple of knees. Neal stands up and spins away.

Body kick from Magny. Neal back into the clinch again. They try to find space to strike in the final seconds of the round, but aren’t able to get anything going. Magny walks back to his corner with swelling below his left eye.

Round Two:

magny with a punch down the pipe. He pumps out the jab and then attempts a head kick. solid left hand for Neal.

Magny’s punches coming off Neal’s guard. Body kick gets through though. Right hand for Magny. More punches off the guard.

left and a right from Neal, but nothing lands clean. Neal gets a takedown. he blasts Magny with a punch as he stands back up.

Neal working more punches and Magny attempts a takedown that fails. Neal back into the clinch against the cage.

Neal backs up now. Magny attempts a head kick, but no power behind that one. Kick to the body from Magny. Punches from Neal. Magny in on a single leg attempt against the cage. Magny staying upright for now. he goes down to one knee. He stands back up and fends off another single leg attempt, then goes into the clinch again.

Neal gets out of the clinch. Magny pumping out the jab. Light punches and then a leg kick for Magny. Punch for Neal and then back into the clinch, despite his corner having told him not to clinch after the last round.

They don’t stay there for long. Magny working volume strikes, while Neal is looking for the power shots, but a couple of attempts before the end of the round don’t quite find the mark.

Round Three:

Magny throwing out left and right hands to start the final round. Body punch for Neal. Magny staying active with the jab.

Kick to the body from Magny and then tries one upstairs that doesn’t pay off. Neal lets his hands go. Magny with a jab. Neal lands a punch as Magny works a body kick.

Spinning attack from Magny. jab and then a takedown attempt from Magny that doesn’t work out. Right hook from Neal. Right hand for Magny.

left and a right hand from Magny. jab for him. Two solid left hands for Neal and then into the clinch.

They break free and Magny works a few punches. He feeds out the jab with regularity here. Neal attempts a head kick that misses the mark.

Magny tries for a takedown and gets it at the second attempt. Neal quickly back up, but Magny is still clinched up and lands a knee before they separate.

Again Magny attempts a takedown and then settles for the clinch instead. They brreak free. Magny with a body kick and then a jab.

Magny just the busier man here, but he does eat a powerful left hand. He took that well though and continues to stay active in the final seconds of the round.


Magny was able to outwork Neal over the course of three rounds to secure the unanimous decision win (29-28 x2, 30-27).

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