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Georges St-Pierre CLaims 185lb Title With Submission Win Over Michael Bisping At UFC 217

Georges St-Pierre shrugged off a four-year layoff and reminded everyone why he’s one of the best fighters ever to set foot in the Octagon with a submission win over Michael Bisping tonight at UFC 217 to win the middleweight title.

Round One:

The main event middleweight title fight is underway at Madison Square Garden in New York City!

Bisping with a low stance and flicks out the jab. GSP with an inside leg kick. He goes back to that again. Now one to the outside of the leg.

Left hand for Bisping and a better counter from St-Pierre. Solid jab from GSP. He tries for a spinning kick. Overhand right for GSP misses the mark.

GSP goes for a hook and Bisping ducks under it and tries to fire back. GSP with another hard jab. Head kick off the front leg from GSP just grazes the champion.

Bisping working his own jab. He’s still mostly working on thet outside though, no doubt cautious of takedown attempts.

GSP connects with a punch that gets Bisping’s attention. He looks good so far. GSP trying for spinning kicks now, but not finding the mark with it so far.

Bisping not really fighting his usual style here. This might be the reason why as suddenly GSP goes for a takedown and lands it.

However, Bisping gets his back to the cage and then gets back upright. Jab for Bisping and the ntries to follow up with a hook that doesn’t connect.

Superman punch lands for GSP and seems to wobble Bisping slightly. St-Pierre then goes for a wheel kick and just misses to end the round on a high.

Round Two:

Side kick attempt to the body from GSP. He misses with a kick upstairs, as does Bisping. Leg kick for GSP. Bisping avoids St-Pierre’s jab.

Leg kick for GSP and Bisping comes forward with a couple of punches, though not much power behind them. leg kick for Bpsing. Side kick from GSP.

Jab for GSP. Bisping almost catches a kick and clips with a hook. Jab for Bisping. Now a leg kick to the inside. Right hand gets through for GSP with a good connection.

Bisping trying foran uppercut at close range, but doesn’t find the target. Body kick for GSP. Bisping starting to get into range more often, but as I say that GSP works for a takedown and gets it in the middle of the Octagon.

St-Pierre in half-guard and looking to pass. However, BIsping does well to get back up without having the cage to help him.

Bisping landing now over the top. Kick from GSP that’s caught and Bisping connects, knocking him off-balance.

GSP less active now and Bisping is starting to press forward. He grazes with a jumping switch kick. Right hand for Bisping and then trie for the head kick.

GSP with a body kick thats countered by Bisping as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Low leg kick for GSP. Bisping snaps out the jab. GSp in on an early takedown and gets it in the center of the Octagon. Bisping trying to land elbows from the bottom and opens up a cut .

GSP working from in Bisping’s guard. Bisping continuing to work strikes, though GSP is now getting some ground and pound off from on top too.

Another slicing elbow cuts GSP again and soon after the challenger decides to back up and stand, with his face covered in blood.

Both men pumping out the jab and GSP is wiping blood from his eyes. Right hand for St-Pierre. Leg kick for GSP. Inside leg kick for Bisping.

Side kick to the body for GSP. Left hook for GSP floors Bisping. GSP gets into his guard and starts bombing on him with repeated left hands. Bisping is eating a lot of punches here, but is still defending himself enough to keep the ref from stopping this fight.

Bisping has a little space and tries to get up, but GSP then swoops onto his back and locks in the rear-naked choke while dragging the champion backwards.

It’s in tight immediately and Bisping’s got little chance of escaping here, so he decides to go out on his shield and doesn’t tap out, instead being rendered unconscious with 4.23mins of Rd3.

And with that Goerges St-Pierre wins the middleweight title and marks his comeback in style, shedding his old image as a decision-based fighter with an emphatic finish after an exciting scrap, ensuring there will be a lot of demand to see his next fight, regardless of what weight class that may be at.

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