Gerald Meerschaert Submits Bruno Silva In 3rd Round At UFC On ESPN 41

Gerald Meerschaert managed to pick up yet another submission win tonight against Bruno Silva at UFC On ESPN 31 after flooring him with a right hook in the third round.

Round One:

Inside leg kick for Meerschaert. Silva with a body kick and now Meerschaert lands one of his own. Silva taking the center of the Octagon early here and lands another body kick.

Missed leg kick from Bruno and also comes up short with a front kick upstairs. He does land a kick to the thigh though. Meerschaert with a kick of his own now.

Inside leg kick from Silva, but still not quite finding the mark with his punches yet. Front kick to the body for him. Now a stepping jab lands.

Body kick for Meerschaert. Jab for him. Meerschaert circles out as Silva was pressing forward. Kick upstairs from Silva, but lands closer to the chest.

Meerschaert able to land a takedown. He’s staying in Silva’s full guard for now. Patient work from Meerschaert, landing only a few ground-and-ound blows.

Meerschaert postures up and then with 15 seconds to go he starts to let his hands go with a series of punches, then tries to set up a submission as the round is drawing to a close.

Round Two:

Kick for Meerschaert to start the second round. Silva returns fire with a kick. Now a jab from him. Missed front kick upstairs for Silva.

Silva rushes forward and ends up in the clinch, then separates. Body kick for Meerschaert. Silva swings wild and misses.

Kick for Meerschaert. Right hand lands for Silva as Meerschaert was off-balance and he stumbles backwards, but stays upright.

Meerschaert looks for another kick. Silva swinging for the fences at times without making a connection. However he does throw a nice right that lands cleanly.

Meerschaert reaches for a takedown and then backs off it. Body kick for Meerschaert. Jab for him. Front kick to the body from Silva and then a jab.

Jab for Silva. Jab for Meerschaert. He tries for a takedown, but again doesn’t commit to it. Silva with a kick that goes whistling over his opponent’s head.

Silva lands a punch and tries to follow up, but Meerschaert just gets his head out the way. Nice strike for Meerschaert. Jab for Meerschaert.

Leg kick for Meerschaert and a lazy looking body kick from Silva. Right hands thrown and Silva’s landed better. Silva overloads on a big punch and Meerschaert dodges out the way, leaving Silva to lurch forward onto the mat.

Round Three:

Body kick for Meerschaert. Jab for him, but then Silva responds with a punch and kick of his own.

Straight left for Meerschaert and a low kick. Inside leg kick for Meerschaert and one in return from Silva.

Silva with a jab. He throws a one-two and Meerschaert gets his head out of the way and then moves quickly out of danger.

Meerschaert lands a big left hook and Silva drops to the mat. Meerschaert follows him down and grabs hold of Silva’s neck going for a guillotine choke. Silva tries to scramble out, but he’s unable to and is forced to tap out at 1.39mins of the third round!

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