Gerald Meerschaert Submits Makhmud Muradov At UFC On ESPN 30

Gerald Meerschaert showed he’s not a man to be underestimated tonight at UFC On ESPN 30 by not only tapping out Makhmud Muradov in the second round, but also giving him problems on the feet too.

Round One:

Meerschaert moving into range early throwing a big punch. Muradov backs out. Meerschaert lands a solid body kick. Muradov attempts to throw a punch, but gets caught by an eyepoke and that forces a brief stoppage.

They restart with Meerschaert throwing another body kick. There’s an exchange of punches and Muradov clips him. Meerschaert looks wobbled and goes to the ground.

Muradov not willing to tangle with him there for now and Meerschaert gets back up. Muradov lands a few more hard punches. Meerschaert struggling to defend against these punches effectively with his chin up.

Head kick grazes Meerschaert now. Muradov connects with another clean punch. Meerschaert with a sloppy takedown attempt.

Meerschaert finally lands a punch of his own, and then another soon afterwards. Muradov goes straight back to work though.

Leg kicks for Meerschaert and Muradov catches one, but not before it lands illegally to his groin and so he has to get another time-out to recover.

Back to it they go and Meerschaert misses with a punch. Push kick to the body from Muradov. Overhand left from Meerschaert lands.

Muradov lands a big punch, but Meerschaert returns fire with one of his own. Head kick attempt from Meerschaert now.

Straight right for Muradov through the guard. Leg kick from Muradov knocks Meerschaert off his feet momentarily.

Hook lands for Muradov. Meerschaert with a clean punch that gets Muradov’s attention and then Meerschaert is able to get on top as Muradov hunkers close to the cage.

Dangerous spot for Muradov given Meerschaert’s submission ability, but he makes it to the end of the round.

Round Two:

Meerschaert stepping in with a punch to start the second round, but Muradov steps back and lands a hard hook counter.

Head kick attempt from Meerschaert. Muradov looks for a combination. Jab for Meerschaert and a harder punch from Muradov.

Meerschaert able to work a takedown, but Muradov is quickly back to his feet.

Meerschaert now going on the offensive and lands a big punch. Muradov a bit surprised by this and gets caught again.

Meerschaert clinches up and drags Muradov down to the mat, takes his back and works for a rear-naked choke. It’s in tight and with his finishing ability from these positions it’s bad news for Muradov as he tries to break free and then is forced to tap out at 1.49mins of the second round.

Great win for Meerschaert then, showing off improved striking, all-important durability under fire and then did what he does best to get the submission finish.

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