Grant Dawson Submits Jared Gordon In Final Minute Of Fight At UFC On ESPN 35

Grant Dawson was able to get the better of a game Jared Gordon tonight at UFC On ESPN 35 before finding a submission finish late in the third round.

Round One:

Both look to kick at the same time to start. Front kick to the body from Dawson. Jab lands for him. Body punch from Gordon and a spinning kick to the body that only lands lightly.

Low kick from Gordon and Dawson looking for punches upstairs. Gordon briefly on top here from a takedown attempt, but Dawson works back to his feet.

Now it’s Dawson who is in on a takedown and brings Gordon down, but Gordon rolls with it and gets back up again. Nice work from him.

Gordon effective on the counter here as Dawson tries to get his offense going. Dawson works another takedown, takes the back and immediately sinks in that body triangle.

Punches land from Dawson but not going for the choke yet. Final 30 seconds and Dawson chips away with more solid punches. A couple of blows to the body and then more to the head to end the round.

Round Two:

Dawson looking for punches from range, but coming up a bit short. Body kick from Gordon. Both men miss going over the top and Gordon does land a hook.

Dawson goes for a takedown and takes the back again to get back into the same position as the end of last round with the body triangle locked in.

Dawson trying for the rear-naked choke, but it’s more of a crank for now. he lets it go. Dawson looks to move into full mount, but Gordon is able to scramble back up to his feet.

Dawson presses Gordon up against the cage while looking for another takedown. He gets Gordon down to one knee, but he stands back up. Solid knee to the body from Dawson and then they split apart.

Gordon loads up on a hook but misses. He lands a kick to the body. Dawson has to duck under punches from Gordon.

Dawson in on another takedown and gets him down again. Now he’s shifting around to the back again. He lands a couple of punches. Final 10 seconds and Dawson opts to just maintain this position on top.

Round Three:

Light punches from both men and then Gordon loads up and misses on a hook. Glancing blow from Gordon. Big punch from Dawson.

Kick to the body from Dawson and then attempts a head kick. Calf kick from Gordon and then follow-up punches.

Missed takedown attempt from Dawson and then Gordon punishes him with heavy leather. Gordon drawing Dawson into a bit of a slu-fest for a moment, but then Dawson tries for a takedown again. Gordon defends it.

Dawson again trying for a takedown and Gordon escapes it. Deep breaths from Dawson now. He manages to land a takedown though, but Gordon is quickly back up.

Knees landing in close now. Knee to the body and one-two from Dawson. Front kick to the face partially gets through. Spinning backfist from Dawson attempted, but then slips and falls to the mat. Gordon tries to get on top, but Dawson grabs a leg and starts to work up and try for a takedown of his own.

Dawson on his knees and Gordon is looking to chip away with punches, but then Dawson manages to get free, spin around and instantly take his opponent’s back, then sinks in a rear-naked choke with the body triangle in for control and forces a tap-out at 4.11mins of the third round!

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