Grant Dawson vs. Ricky Glenn Ends In Majority Draw At UFC Fight Night 196

Grant Dawson outgrappled Ricky Glenn for two rounds tonight at UFC Fight Night 196, but his opponent was able to outwrestle him in the final five minutes and almost secured a late submission, which resulted in a majority draw verdict.

Round One:

Early kick from Glenn. Head kick attempt from Dawson comes off the upper arm. Low kick from Dawson. inside leg kick from Glenn.

Heavy body kick from Glenn. Takedown from Dawson gets Glenn down, but only momentarily as Glenn looks to stand. however, then Dawson brings him down more securely and is in side control.

Knees to the body from Dawson. Now he looks to trap an arm, but Glenn scrambles to his knees and tries to stand. Dawson able to keep him down tough and Glenn turtles again.

Dawson takes his back now and gets the body triangle. Dawson getting space and landing some punches here from his opponent’s back.

Glenn looking to scramble again, but Dawson stays latched to his back. Now Dawson thinks about full mount, but drops back hunting for a rear-naked choke instead. Glenn defending well for now though, so there’s no real space to get it in for now.

Dawson lands a few hammerfists as the round ends.

Round Two:

Body kick for Glenn. Now one from Dawson too. Dawson in on a single leg and looks to land it, but Glenn works a reversal and they scramble back to the feet.

Dawson soon in on another single leg, up against the cage this time. Glenn fights that first attempt off, but Dawson is back on another takedown attempt. He’s lifting up Glenn and then tries to go for a sweep, but it doesn’t quite pay off.

Determination from Dawson though as he works for the takedown again and this time lands it well. Dawson in side control as in the first round, but Glenn gets him to full guard.

Not too much happening on top so the ref gives them a warning to work. Dawson is able to pass to side control now. A couple of punches land to the head, but it’s still mostly a case of control here for now.

Punch lands for Dawson and Glenn gets him back to half-guard. Final 10 seconds of the round but Dawson settles for just holding him down.

Round Three:

Kick for Grant. Dawson drives into a takedown, but Grant stuffs it this time. Dawson doubles down on the takedown, but again Grant does well to stuff it.

They get separation, but then Dawson goes again for the takedown and Glenn stuffs it and now starts to work on top. A few hammerfists to the body from him. Dawson driving to drive back up to his feet and almost succeeds, but then Glenn adjusts and keeps him on his back.

Glenn in half-guard here. Elbow lands for him with a little over two minutes remaining.

Glenn attempting to pass guard and Dawson works him back to full guard. Glenn works up trying to pass to mount though. They scramble and Glenn ends up in half-guard.

Solid elbows landing from Glenn. He’s showing urgency here and drops some more strikes down. Glenn stands over his opponent. He lands a punch for there and drops down landing hammerfists.

Half-guard again and Glenn is landing some nice punches. Now Glenn seizes upon a late choke attempt. There’s not much time remaining and Dawson is holding up his hand with his thumb up to show he’s ok. He’s having to tough it out and succeeds in doing so, but seems a little unsteady after the final horn sounds and is slow to get back to his feet.


Good third round for Glenn then and that has a big impact on the final outcome as Dawson only gets the nod from one of the three judges, with the other two scoring it as even after giving Glenn a 10-8 final round, which leads to an overall majority draw decision (29-28, 28-28 x2).

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