Gregor Gillespie TKO’s Yancy Medeiros At 4.59mins Of Rd2 At UFC On ESPN+ 1

Gregor Gillespie completely and utterly dominated Yancy Medeiros on the mat tonight at UFC On ESPN+ 1 before a long series of takedowns finally led to a TKO stoppage via ground and pound late in the second round.

Round One:

Gillespie taking the center of the cage to start. He swoops in on a single leg. Medeiros stuffs the initial attempt, but Gillespie is immediately on another to get him momentarily down.

Gillespie continues to battle for another takedown. It’s taking a while, but he rolls into one eventually, only to find Medeiros popping back up again quickly.

Gillespie still on him though and landing knees to the body as Medeiros is standing but with his palms on the mat. Another takedown attempt and then more knees to the body.

The next takedown almost sees Medeiros transition on top, but Gillespie scrambles fast and is soon controlling the action again.

Relentless takedown attempts from Gillespie, but keeping Medeiros on the mat for any length of time is proving difficult.

A mininute to go and Gillespie again can’t keep Medeiros down. In total Gillespie went for 10 takedowns in the first round and it’s likely there’s plenty more to come.

Round two:

Medeiros with an early kick and then a couple of punches. Gillespie with a nice right hand. Gillespie in on a double-leg then transitions to the single leg against the cage.

He brings him down with a trip, but Medeiros stands as he had done many times before. Another takedown and Medeiros is on his knees, then back to his feet.

Gillespie slams him back to the mat, takes his back and then eventually settles in half guard. This time he will be hoping for a little more mat time. Gillespie getting side control now, then hops on to his opponent’s back.

Medeiros turns and ends up being mounted. Stronger position for Gillespie now and he’s starting to work for an arm-triangle. Elbow for Gillespie, then postures up and lands a punch that leads to Medeiros rolling onto his front.

Gillespie in complete control here as he lands more punches. Now Medeiros gets to his knees and then posts up. Knees to the upper body from Gillespie.

Gillespie shunts him back to the mat and takes his back, flattened out this time. Gillespie lands a series of punches as Medeiros covers tries to cover up.

Final 10 seconds of the round with Gillespie teeing off and with the horn set to sound at any moment the referee steps in to wave off the fight and hand Gillespie a TKO victory just one second before the end of the round.

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