GSP Gives His Take On His Fellow G.O.A.T. Candidates

In a new conversation regarding who is the ‘Greatest Of All Time’ in the sport of mixed martial arts, one of the candidates, Georges St-Pierre has explained how each of his peers is the greatest in their own way.

“What does being the best of all time mean?” St-Pierre said in an interview with

“If it’s to compare every athlete who competed at their time and who was the most dominant at their time, who had the most achievements, for me it’s Royce Gracie.

“If you talk about who’s the strongest guy, if you would put everybody in the cage, who would come out alive, I think it would maybe be Fedor Emelianenko in his prime.

“If you talk about the more flamboyant guy, the one who did some crazy stuff that you only see in movies and stuff like that, I would say maybe a guy like Anderson Silva or Vitor Belfort.

“If you say the more well-rounded guy, I would say maybe Demetrious Johnson.

“If you ask about who’s the guy who faced the most adversity, maybe Jon Jones.

“But whoever you name, it’s a subjective thing, it’s an opinion.”

Of course, GSP didn’t include himself in his assessment, though there are many who would argue that the former welterweight and middleweight champion is in the running for the G.O.A.T. title as much as anybody else.

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