Gunnar Nelson Submits Alex Oliveira In Bloody Battle At UFC 231

Gunnar Nelson emerged victorious against Alex Oliveira tonight at UFC 231 after a blood-soaked battle in the Octagon.

Round One:

Leg kick for Oliveira to start. Nelson with a quick punch and then launches into a takedown attempt. He gets Oliveira to the cage and there’s a few elbows that get dropped down on him as he unsuccessfully attempts to get him to the mat.

Nelson stays clinched up though and continues to try for the takedown. Oliveira stuffs an attempt by grabbing onto the cage and gets a warning from the referee for that.

The clinch continues now with Nelson still working hard for the takedown and lands it, immediately taking Oliveira’s back.

Working from his back while body-triangled around Oliveira’s waist. However, Oliveira turns enough to land some big punches and then fully turns around to end up on top.

Now Oliveira is turning the screw, landing heavy ground and pound shots on top. Serious power in these shots from the Brazilian.

Oliveira postures up and then drops back down with more power punches. again he steps back and then goes back down. Standing over Nelson yet again he lands punches to the head and body.

However, then Nelson trips him and works for a heel hook. 10 seconds of the round remaining and Nelson opts to just ride the remaining time out.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Oliveira. He steps into a punch, but misses. Oliveira into the clinch and presses Nelson up against the cage.

Oliveira picks up and puts Nelson down, but only for a second and then he’s back up with Oliveira still in the clinch.

Nelson reverses the clinch and lands a big takedown. Nelson immediately manages to pass into full mount. He’s bleeding heavily from the nose but is in a strong position here with half the round remaining.

Nelson being patient for now. Oliveira trying to buck his hips and escape, but Nelson is being cautious here and maintaining his base.

Gritty elbow strike lands for Nelson and then another that has Oliveira wincing in pain. Oliveira is suddenly pouring with blood from that wound to the forehead and as turns away as more strikes land.

That is an absolutely gruesome cut and Oliveira is immediately masked in blood as it leaks blood like a faucet while Nelson goes for a rear-naked choke. That submission quickly ends the fight with 4.17mins of the second round gone, although it appeared as if the referee was moving in to stop the fight anyway due to that horrific cut.

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