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Henry Cejudo Ends Demetrious Johnson’s Flyweight Reign By Split Decision At UFC 227

Henry Cejudo finally brought an end to Demetrious Johnson’s long flyweight title reign tonight at UFC 227 by way of split decision.

Round One:

Cejudo taking the center of the Octagon to start. However, in the opening minute of the round he seems to roll on his ankle and then several times after it gives out on him again.

He seems to settle a little more though as the fight continues, but Johnson is now chipping away at his legs. Head kick lands for Johnson, but Cejudo takes it.

Left hook for Johnson. Leg kick. Another low kick. Cejudo overcommits on a punch and misses. left hand for Johnson as he drives forward and then a body kick soon after. Body kick for Cejudo.

Johnson reverses out of danger when Cejudo comes forward. Leg kick for Johnson. He connects with a head kick, but loses his balance in the process and Cejudo presses forward. Good strike for Cejudo, but good head movement and footwork from Johnson to get out of there immediately.

Round Two:

Front kick to the body for Cejudo. He tries again and Johnson catches it this time, but can’t work a takedown. Instead Cejudo stuffs it and presses him to the cage.

Johnson out though and back to striking range. Good leg kick for Johnson. Body kick for Cejudo. Right hand for Johnson and a glancing blow in return for Cejudo.

Body kick for Cejudo. He looks for a takedown, but Johnson shuts down the Olympic wrestler. A solid punch does land for Cejudo though.

Body kicks for Cejudo. Leg kicks for Johnson. Another one to the inside of the leg. Body kick for Cejudo, but then a harder one in return from the champion.

Leg kick for Johnson and Cejudo tries but fails to grab on and work a takedown. Leg kick for Johnson and then another.

Cejudo tries for a takedown and gets it, landing in half-guard. Final minute of the round. Johnson scrambling to his knees, but Cejudo keeps him down and lands a few knees to end the round.

Round Three:

Knee for Johnson, but Cejudo lands a counter. Johnson coming forward aggressively and lands punches as Cejudo hits reverse gear to get out of danger.

leg kick for Johnson. Cejudo tries for a trip and then reaches for a potential front choke. Johnson out of that and presses Cejudo to the cage.

Cejudo looking to reverse the position and Johnson escapes. Leg kick for Johnson. Good body to the knee from Johnson and then a left hand.

leg kick again for Johnson, but a two-piece combo comes in return from Cejudo. Leg kick for the champ. Body kick for Johnson.

Another leg kick for Johnson. In close Cejudo threatens with an uppercut. Another leg kick. Cejudo lands in close and Johnson looks to fire back.

Johnson with a clinch, but Cejudo works for the takedown instead. Incredible scramble from Johnson though to escape and get to his feet.

Solid body kick for Johnson. Leaping knee to the body from Johnson, but Cejudo grabs on and drives for the takedown and just as he did before, the champion skillfully rolls out of danger and back to his feet.

Round Four:

Leg kick for Johnson. Another lands. Flurry from the champ, but nothing lands clean. Leg kick again. Right hook lands on the counter from Johnson.

Leg kick lands for Johnson, but it’s caught and he falls to the mat. Johnson straight back up and lands a solid punch in retaliation.

Step in left-hand from Johnson. Body kick. He moves a bit then lands another bigger kick to the midsection. Johnson almost taken down, but before he can get upright fully, Cejudo manages to complete the takedown.

The best part of two minute remaining in teh round as he keeps Johnson down in half-guard. Minute to go and not work done so far, but plenty of top control.

Cejudo back in Johnson’s full guard now. Back to half-guard and landing a few punches to the head in the final seconds of the round.

Round Five:

Leg kick for Johnson. Another lands lightly. Body kick for the champion as Cejudo comes in close. Leg kick again. Cejudo with a push kick.

solid body kick for DJ. Johnson moves into range and seems to stumble and fall to the mat, but pops straight back up and is ok.

Leg kick for DJ. Hard counter left for Johnson in close. Solid leg kick and Cejudo misses on his attempt to grab it.

Johnson against the cage and Cejudo gets the back clinch. Cejudo tries to hoist him up, but Johnson stays up and presses him against the cage.

Cejudo looking for a takedown and brings Johnson down, but he pops straight back up again. All the play for in the final minute. Head kick from Johnson blocked.

Both men throw a leg kick. Johnson does well to stuff a takedown. Cejudo lands a punch and Johnson launches into a head kick attempt. They are throwing caution to the wind here in an attempt to steal what could be a crucial round as Johnson steps into a punch and Cejudo respond with his own strikes.


Very competitive fight here then, unusually so for Johnson and that’s going to make this judges decision fascinating to see.

The scorecards are in and it signals the end of an era – Johnson’s title reign is finally over, Henry Cejudo is the UFC’s new flyweight champion by way of a split decision (48-47 x2, 47-48)!

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