Ian Machado Garry Dominates Neil Magny To Win By Decision At UFC 292

Ian Garry repeatedly dropped Neil Magny with leg kicks throughout their fight tonight at UFC 292 on his way to a dominant decision victory.

Round One:

Leg kick from Garry immediately knocks Magny off his feet. Magny gets time to stand back up though.

Another low kick from Garry and Magny again falls to the floor! He gets back up again.

Body kick from Garry this time around. Magny pressing forward but not connecting yet. Garry with a one-two. He lands another calf kick and Magny stays upright this time.

Head kick attempt from Garry is blocked, but does land another low kick. Another lands. Magny with a light one of his own.

Glancing jab from Magny. leg kick for Garry. Magny thinking about a body kick but hesitates. Garry into the clinch against the cage.

Magny grapevines a leg and tries to disrupt Garry’s balance. Garry able to land a takedown though, but Magny is soon back to his feet at striking range.

Leg kick for Garry. He lands another and Magny drops to the floor for the third time in the 1st round! Now Magny butscoots towards Garry, but he just backs away and so Magny has to stand.

Every time Garry lands his low kick Magny is troubled by it. Late in the round Magny is able to get into the clinch and press Garry into the cage.

Round Two:

Jab lands for Magny a couple of times to start round two. Body punch for Garry. Head kick from Garry just whistles past Magny’s head.

Double jab from Magny. Body kick for Garry. Low kick for him. Garry looking for the oblique kick. Leg kick lands again and Magny is limping after that. Another hard leg kick comes soon after.

Now Magny is in on a takedown against the cage, but Garry is defending. He’s able to move around to his back now as he continues to try to work for a takedown. Garry trying to fighht his hands to break the lock. Not able to yet though but does turn into him and reverses the position.

Magny trying to work the muay thai clinch but doesn’t utilize it. He turns into the clinch and then they break free.

Garry with a head kick attempt that knocks Magny’s mouthpiece out, but he seems fine and immediately retrieves it.

Garry lands another leg kick and Magny is unable to hide how much these are hurting him. Garry threatening and Magny drives off the cage with a superman punch attempt.

Another leg kick from Garry forces a pained reaction from Magny, but he fights on regardless.

Garry lands the leg kick again and Magny grimaces. Final seconds of the round and Magny tries for a jumping knee, but Garry retaliates with a head kick attempt. Garry gives Magny the finger as they walk back to their corners.

Round Three:

Head kick attempt by Garry is blocked. Push kick fromm Magny. Kick from Garry drops Magny for a moment.

Back on the feet Magny has to contend with more low kicks. Head kick attempt on one side from Garry and when it’s blocked he kicks the leg on the other side.

Garry lands again and Magny is down again. Magny trying to buttscoot again to no avail.

Back on the feet. He lands to the body and then a leg kick. Solid left hand. Back to the leg kick and leaves Magny hopping on one leg for a moment.

Body kick for Garry. Leg kick. Right hand gets through for Garry. Now a body punch. a jab gets through. Another low kick. Body kick. One-way traffic here. Low kick.

Body kick for Magny. Thudding low kick takes Magny off his feet again. Magny back up and eats another low kick.

Front kick to the face from Garry and Magny is hurt. Garry looking for a finish against the cage. He gets a takedown. 30 seconds remaining and he’s in side control. Magny hanging on to his head for dear life.

Garry trying for a guillotine on top in the final seconds of the fight, but there’s not enough time to try for the finish.


Right from the start of the fight Garry’s leg kicks were causing Magny all sorts of problems and he continued to completely dominate the veteran up until the final bell to earn a one-sided unanimous decision victory (30-26 x2, 30-24).

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