Iasmin Lucindo Defeats Brogan Walker By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 222

Iasmin Lucindo controlled the striking action against Brogan Walker tonight at UFC Fight Night 222 to win by unanimous decision.

Round One:

Hard right lands for Lucindo early. Now she lands a body kick. Walker looking to kick and Lucindo counters with a n overhand right that comes up short this time.

Right hand lands again for Lucindo. leg kick for Walker and Lucindo lands a counter punch. Head kick attempt from Walker and Lucindo unleashes a furry of hard punches in response.

Walker more tentative now and Lucindo starts to press forward and throw punches, but doesn’t find a home for them.

Walker tries for a leg kick and Lucindo lands an overhand. Now a spinning kick to the body from Lucindo.

Walker lets go with an overhand that misses. Bit of a lull in the action and then Lucindo goes in for a flurry of punches.

Lucindo misses a jumping knee but then throws a punch afterwards. Feints from Walker but not committing to much offense here and it’s not hard to see why as her single kicks are repeatedly being countered by heavy punches from Lucindo, and that happens again one more time before the round ends.

Round Two:

Spinning kick to the body from Lucindo but doesn’t land hard. Push kick from Walker. Now a leg kick for her. She lands it again and just gets her head away from the counter punches.

Spinning backfist from Lucindo misses. Kick from Walker. Flurry of punches at closer range from Lucindo. Body kick from Walker and Lucindo lands a glancing counter-punch.

Lucindo misses with a couple of punches but lands a spinning body kick. Walker clinches up and drives Lucindo over to the cage.

They battle for supremacy from there and then break back out to striking range. Body kick from Walker but eats a punch. Another right hand lands for Lucindo.

Missed head kick from Walker and Lucindo goes into the clinch and manages to land a takedown and then goes straight into mount. Luckily for Walker there isn’t much time in the round remaining though and she survives without taking any notable damage.

Round Three:

Leg kicks exchange, but a back kick from Lucindo knocks her off-balance to the mat for a moment.

Back to striking they go. Walker attempts a push kick but Lucindo brushes past that throwing punches. Hooks from Lucindo.

Body kick for Lucindo. Kick for Walker is countered by two punches. Winging right hook from Lucindo.

Leg kick for Lucindo. She tries for a jumping knee but misses. Leg kick for Walker. Hook series from Lucindo opens up a significant cut to the left eye of Walker.

More hooks from Lucindo and Walker works into the clinch and lands a knee before they separate.

Body kick from Walker, who has blood streaming down the left hand side of her face. She goes for a leg kick that’s checked. Walker with another kick that’s caught this time and that sends her off-balance to the mat for a moment.

They get into the clinch and Lucindo lands a final takedown.


Lucindo dominated the fight here, with Walker quickly running out of ideas after being repeatedly countered when he attempted to strike. Lucindo wins by unanimous decision (30-27 x3).

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