Iasmin Lucindo Submits Polyana Viana In 2nd Round At UFC On ESPN 51

Iasmin Lucindo earned a nice submission finish over Polyana Viana tonight at UFC On ESPN 51.

Round One:

Missed high kick from Viana. She looks for another kick and Lucindo lands a hard strike in return.

Leg kick for Viana. Now one from Lucindo. Leg kick for Viana and a counter punch from Lucindo. Another kick from Viana and now into the clinch. She brings her to the cage and then nicely lands a takedown.

Viana stacking up in Lucindo’s guard but not much happening. The ref is warning them to work and Lucindo is tying up her opponent to stall the action, which pays off as they do get stood back up.

Spinning kick to the body from Lucindo just misses. Now a spinning backfist that also doesn’t connect but a punch lands behind it.

Back into the clinch and this time it’s Lucindo who lands a takedown. Viana on one hip underneath with a leg wrapped. Lucindo patient, but in the final few seconds she postures up to rain down some hard hammerfists.

Round Two:

Lucindo light on her feet and tries for a head kick that’s blocked. Body kick from Viana, but she eats a big counter punch that buckles her knee as she staggers back. Strangely Lucindo didn’t try to capitalize on that and instead stays on the outside.

Leg kick and a punch for Lucindo. Lucindo thinks about a spinning attack and then goes for a kick. Low kick for Viana and Lucindo lands a winging counter.

Spinning backfist from Viana misses. They clinch up and Lucindo lands a takedown, landing in half-guard.

half the round remaining and Lucindo is focused on control. Not much happening and the ref tries to get them to work. Lucindo trying to pass guard and is getting close to doing just that. She starts to set up an arm triangle choke and then does pass through to side control to lock this up tightly and forces the submission quickly afterwards at 3.42mins of the 2nd round.

Lucindo was close to being stood back up there, so that was good work to pick up the pace and find that submission finish.

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