Irene Aldana TKO’s Yana Kunitskaya In First Round At UFC 264

Irene Aldana had to deal with a very aggressive Yana Kunitskaya tonight at UFC 264, and she did so admirably as she absorbed the early pressure and then punished her with crisp punches on the feet and on the mat to secure the TKO stoppage.

Round One:

Inside leg kick for Kunitskaya to start. Kunitskaya looks to clinch up but gets shrugged aside and lands a body kick instead on the way out.

Another leg kick for Kunitskaya. And again. Jab for Aldana and a body kick for Kunitskaya. She tries a spinning head kick that doesn’t connect.

They clinch up and jockey for position against the cage. Quite even battle in the clinch here and then they separate. Kunitskaya already sporting a bloodied nose.

More leg kicks for Kunitskaya. Solid right hand for Aldana. Kunitskaya remaining very aggressive here, but Aldana starting to time her jab nicely to punish those forward entries.

Aldana rips a nice punch to the body and that backs Kunitskaya up for a moment. Aldana with fundamental boxing and Kunitskaya still working the leg kicks.

Big hook for Aldana and Kunitskaya is floored. Aldana looking to land more punches on the mat, but Kunitskaya is hanging on in there.

Aldana stands over her. She drops back in and lands a punch. Now back standing over her again as she tries to control the legs of her opponent.

Aldana goes down again and with Kunitskaya propped on one side, Aldana starts to blast her with some hard left hands. Awkward spot from Kunitskaya as she can’t really get out and her own blood is starting to paint the canvas as the referee steps in to end the fight by TKO – big win for Aldana at 4.35mins of the first round.

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