Jack Della Maddalena TKO’s Ramazan Emeev With Body Shot At UFC 275

Jack Della Maddelena fought off an early submission attempt from Ramazan Emeev tonight at UFC 275 and then quickly turned the screw when he got back to his feet, producing a body shot TKO stoppage soon afterwards.

Round One:

Right hand through the guard from Emeev. Now a left hook lands for him. Maddalena feeling out with punches but not landing anything meaningful yet.

Maddalena with a punch to the body and Emeev lands on the counter in response. Now Emeev goes for a takedown. Bit of a scramble and then Maddalena starts to work back up.

Immediately Emeev latches onto a standing anaconda choke and drops to the mat with it. It looks dangerous, but just when it looks like a finish might be on the cards, Maddalena manages to break free and gets the fight back to the feet, landing a knee as he does so.

Maddalena is now pressing forward looking to get his own offense going. A flurry of strikes, but nothing landing cleanly until he works to the body with two heavy liver shots, the second of which sends Emeev crumpling to the canvas. Emeev is unable to recover as Maddalena looks for more strikes, leading to the TKO stoppage at the 2.32mins mark of the opening round.

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