Jack Marshman Defeats Ryan Janes By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 113

Jack Marshman fought his way to a unanimous decision victory over Ryan Janes tonight at UFC Fight Night 113 in Glasgow.

Round One:

Marshman immediately looking to apply pressure as Janes circles on the outside. He’s unloading a few punches, but hasn’t quite found his range yet.

Lots of movement from Janes to keep Marshman at bay. Short punches from Janes. Punch from Marshman lands. Push kick from Janes.

Marshman connects again and clips Janes with a hook. An uppercut now and another punch follows that snaps Janes head back. Janes stance is so upright he’s presenting a tempting target for his opponent.

Another dangerous uppercut from Marshman. Big one-two from Marshman, and every time he lands, Janes head snaps back accordingly.

Leg kick for Marshman. He unloads with another big punch. A few wild strikes from Marshman that don’t connect. Janes mises with a head kick attempt.

Two hard connections for Marshman. He’s firing down the pipe and despite showing a good chin, Janes is just eating too many punches here and not really offering anything in return to get his opponent’s respect. Janes ends the round in the clinch against the cage.

Round Two:

Janes with a head kick that doesn’t land. Now a front kick that also comes up short. Another one does land lightly. Body punch for Marshman.

Marshman again targets the body. Janes lands with a jab. And again. Short flurry from Marshman. Janes pressing forward a bit now.

Marshman with a combo of lefts and rights down the pipe. Janes into the clinch against the cage. Knee from Janes to the leg. As few short punches, but nothing much happening here. Marshman with a solid elbow in close.

More light shots from Janes and then they break free and go back to striking range. Marshman pressing forward with urgency. Janes trying to keep him at bay with the push kick. Marshman continuing to stalk his opponent, but can only register a final leg kick before the round ends.

Round Three:

Both men exchange without really finding the mark. Body kick from Janes. Low leg kick for Marshman. Janes walking forward and lands a left hand.

Leg kick for Janes. Big body punch from Marshman. leg kick for Janes, body punch for Marshman in response. left hook for Marshman. Now he gets a right hand through.

Rangey right from Janes. Solid left hand to the chin from Marshman. Body kick for Janes. Couple of left hooks from range land for Janes.

Jab lands for Marshman. Then back to the body. A left hook over the top lands for Marshman. However, Janes then comes forward with strikes of his own and puts Marshman against the cage and lands a few more.

Marshman loses his mouthpiece, there’s a brief stoppage while the ref gets it back in then he drops it out his mouth again! Finally they get it back in securely and on the restart it’s Janes who is moving forward with urgency throwing punches.

Marshman with a short flurry. Janes continues to drive forward. He could have done with more of this urgency and sense of purpose earlier in the fight. We’re headed to the scorecards.


Marshman did well in the first round, but faded a little after that, while Janes came on strong in the final minutes of the fight. It wasn’t enough for him to steal the victory though, with Marshman earning a unanimous decision win (29-28 x3).

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