Jamahal Hill TKO’s Thiago Santos In 4th Round At UFC On ESPN 40

Jamahal Hill emerged with a hard fought fourth round TKO victory over Thiago Santos tonight in the main event of UFC On ESPN 40.

Round One:

Leg kick from Santos. He lands another to that lead leg as Hill adopts a wide stance.

Hill starts to feel out with the jab. Santos with a head kick attempt that’s blocked. Hill back to the jab. Santos with a big swing and a miss.

Front kick to the body from Hill. Santos in on a takedown attempt against the cage, but Hill is defending for now. Santos tries to drag him down, but can’t fully disrupt his balance.

Santos working hard for a single-leg, but Hill continues to fend it off. Santos remaining in the clinch though and lands a knee. Hill with a knee of his own that lands to the groin and forces a brief stoppage.

They restart in the center of the Octagon. Hill steps forward puping out the jab. Front kick to the body from Santos. Head kick attempt from Hill misses. Leg kick for Santos.

leg kicks for Santos. Hill lands a punch as Santos was also trying to set off a power punch. Hill moving forward and Santos continues backing up. Santos with a spinning kick attempt that misses. Right hook from Santos.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Hill. He lands another solidly. He goes for it again. Head kick attempt from Hill is blocked. Santos fires off a kick of his own.

Low kick for Hill. Jab for Santos. Hard body kick from Santos. Now Santos drives into a takedown and lands it. However, Hill gets quickly back to his feet and Santos works for the takedown again against the cage. Knee from Hill and his own mouthpiece falls out. They action continues for now with Santos trying again for the takedown without success.

They break free. Hill closing in and Santos tries to throw a spinning kick that misses. Ref gets in to hand Hill his mouthpiece back.

Heavy exchange of punches now with Hill landing nicely. He comes in again but Santos lands hard and rocks him momentarily.

Another good punch from Hill. Big swing and a miss from Hill now. Hill with a right hook. Now a jab. calf kick for Santos.

Santos winging out a few hooks without landing cleanly. Big punch for Hill seemed to hurt Santos, who is looking a bit weary. Hill swinging hard again as the round comes to an end.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Hill. He lands another kick. Santos drives in for a takedown and works hard for it against the cage and then drives through until he lands it. Hill straight back up to his feet though, with Santos continuing to remain in the clinch.

Santos working for a single-leg and drags him to the mat. Good job from Hill to get upright again. Santos driving in again immediately looking for another takedown against the cage.

Santos downing on his knees now as Hill sprawls on top. Hill stands but Santos takes him down again. Hill on one knee and trying to keep his back to the cage so Santos can’t get around there.

Hill standing and Santos lands a knee to the leg and remains in the clinch then drags him to the mat again.

Now Santos is trying to take his back as Hill is on his knees. Hill stands and turns into Santos. Santos working for a single leg and Hill is landing a couple of knees. Santos goes for the takedown but Hill gets away.

Santos chases him and is now going for a takedown at the other end of the cage. A few punches from Hill. Hill tries for the thai clinch. Santos with a punch, Hill with a knee. Santos lands a final takedown as the round is coming to a close.

Round Four:

Leg kick for Santos. One in return from Hill. Body kick from Santos. One-two from Hill. He lands another couple and then a third punch connects harder. Santos fires back now, landing the right hand. He does land a right hook now.

One-two connects for Hill. Body kick from Santos. Now a leg kick and another as Hill lands a punch.

Hill pressing forward with a flurry and Santos looks hurt. Santos trying for a desperate takedown, but doesn’t get anywhere with it.

Hill piling on the pressure with more strikes and Santos staggers backwards and falls to the mat. Hill follows him to the mat and starts working ground and pound. He’s almost in full mount now as he drops down big elbow strikes and that’s it, Hill digs deep to beat Santos by TKO at 2.31mins of the fourth round.

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