Jan Blachowicz Submits Devin Clark by Rear-Naked Choke At UFC Fight Night 118

Jan Blachowicz earned a much needed win tonight in front of his Polish fans with a second round submission victory over Devin Clark.

Round One:

Clark attempts a side kick to the head to start and then rushes into a takedown attempt. He has to settle for the clinch against the cage for now though.

Blachowicz jockeys for position and manages to reverse Clark. The Polish fighter lands a couple of punches to Clark’s body and then a knee.

Not too much happening and so the referee separates them. Feints from Clark. Leg kick for Blachowicz. Now one for Clark. Body kick for Blachowicz. Another chopping kick for Clark.

Clark blasts forward with a flurry of punches. Body kick for Clark is caught and then Blachowicz follows with one of his own.

Blachowicz lands a clinches up. Big knees to the body from Blachowicz. They separate with Clark landing an overhand that knocks Blachowicz backwards and he looked a little wobbled by that. Clark charges forward and targets the head with a front kick. Blachowicz regains his composure and lands a nice kick of his own to keep Clark at bay.

Clark working that overhand right again. Both men looking to land meaningful blows here as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Blachowicz with a couple of punches that come up short as does a head kick in return from Clark. Blachowicz comes forward aggressively with body kicks and lands two in a row and the second one in particular seems to take a toll on him.

Leg kick for Blachowicz and a side kick to the body from Clark. Clark swoops into a takedown attempt, but Blachowicz stuffs that nicely and then takes Clark down.

Good work from Blachowicz there and he settles in on top in half guard. He’s operating cautiously for now with only limited ground and pound. Blachowicz trying to shift to full mount, but Clark manages to shake him off and get back to his feet.

Clark presses forward with two right hands to set up a takedown attempt, but it doesn’t pay off and instead Blachowicz sees an opening to go for a standing rear-naked choke and it’s only seconds later that Clark is forced to tap – that submission caught him completely by surprise! The official time of the finish clocks in at 3.02mins of the second round.

Nice opportunistic finish from Blachowicz there and he really needed that in front of his home fans in Poland after losing four of his previous five fights.

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