Jan Blachowicz Submits Nikita Krylov By D’arce Choke At UFC Fight Night 136

Jan Blachowicz improved his winning streak to four fights tonight with an impressive d’arce choke submission finish against the returning Nikita Krylov at UFC fight Night 136.

Round One:

Leg kick for Krylov. Now a head kick and front kick attempt that miss. Krylov busy as expected to start and as he comes forward with punches he then sees an opening to duck in and land a takedown.

Krylov posturing over Blachowicz. Blachowicz trying to work an armbar attempt, but Krylov is wise to it. Krylov looking to grind his forearm into Blachowicz, but then almost gets caught in that armbar again.

Blachowicz scrambling for a leg lock and then manages to get on top. Blachowicz into side control and half the round remaining.

BLachowicz moves to north-south, then back to side control and lands a few strikes to the head. Not too much action, but plenty of control from Blachowicz here as Krylov struggles to get out from under him, and that’s how the round ends.

Round Two:

Front kick to the chest from Krylov. Body kick for Blachowicz. Now he goes to the clinch, gets to Krylov’s back and looks to bring him down.

Krylov rolling for a leg lock, but it’s Blachowicz who ends up on top and in side control as he was in the opening five minutes.

North-south position for Blachowicz then around to side control on the other side. Krylov gives up his back us he turtles. Blachowicz stays heavy on top of him and then steps over, cleverly sinks in a d’arce choke and cinches it up, leaving Krylov completely helpless and forcing him to tap with 2.41mins of the second round gone!

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