Jennifer Maia Beats Casey O’Neill By Unanimous Decision At UFC 286

Jennifer Maia was able to outstrike Casey O’Neill to earn a unanimous decision victory tonight at UFC 286.

Round One

A couple of glancing blows landing as they look to exchange early. A flurry of punches thrown at close range and Maia is the one finding the mark cleaner.

O’Neill continues to pressure regardless. Maia greets her with the jab and an uppercut. O’Neill wanting to be the aggressor, but Maia is howing the superior technique and composure in these early exchanges.

A couple of right hands land for O’Neill. She gets through with another straight right.

Maia with a jab and O’Neill with a right hand. Maia scoring with her right hand now. Low kick for O’Neill, but she’s bleeding from the nose.

Glancing right hand from O’Neill in another brief exchange. She tries for a kick and Maia grabs it and attempts a takedown, but O’Neill shows good balance to fend that off and get back to striking.

O’Neill’s right hand pays off again, although not much power behind it. Missed punches from O’Neill as Maia evades and then lands a leg kick.

Maia lands a punch and then attempts a head kick that’s not far away from the target. Jab lands for O’Neill as the round ends.

Round Two:

Maia with a flurry and O’Neill responds with a leg kick. O’Neill lands to the body with a couple of punches.

Maia landing with straight punches and O’Neill connects with a hook. Punch from Maia snaps O’Neill’s head back.

Punch lands for O’Neill now. Another fast flurry of punches from Maia and thought about a takedown amid that but didn’t commit to it.

Both ladies fire off punches at close range without anything connecting too meaningfully.

Another exchange that Maia gets the better of. Right hand for O’Neill connects better. Inside leg kick from Maiai. Another three-piece combo from her. Not much power in it, but it helps push the round in her favor.

Maia with a good flurry. She goes into the clinch. Maia lands another big punch now as she backs out.

Right hand for O’Neill. Overhand from her grazes the target. Solid jab from O’Neill as the round ends.

Round Three:

Jab lands for O’Neill. A right hand gets through in close and Maia lands too. Body kick now from O’Neill.

O’Neill reaches for a takedown, but Maia counters that and ends up clinching O’Neill up against the cage.

They soon break apart. O’Neill tries to pressure with punches, but Maia avoids that and then fires back with a few punch that land.

Nice uppercut and left hand from Maia. O’Neill threatening with a Head kick. Jab from O’Neill. Overhand right. Jab for O’Neill again. Now a jab for Maia.

O’Neill still trying to walk down Maia constantly. Maia still comfortable working off that though and she even tries for a head kick of her own.

Slightly awkward low kick for O’Neill. O’Neill with a couple of solid punches. Quick flurry and then O’Neill lands a push kick.

Maia now going for a takedown, but O’Neill stays up. Maia pressing her up against the cage though as she still works to try to get the takedown. Excellent balance from O’Neill and eventually gets free. O’Neill immediately looking to unleash some offense in the final few seconds and does land.


O’Neill was a game opponent here, but Maia was crisper and more assured with her striking in the first couple of rounds and she emerges with the unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28 x2) to break O’Neill’s unbeaten record.

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