Jeremy Stephens KO’s Josh Emmett With Ground And Pound At UFC On FOX 28

Jeremy Stephens emerge victorious in his main event clash with Josh Emmett at UFC On FOX 28 by way of knockout courtesy of two vicious elbow strikes after initially flooring him with a hook.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway at UFC On FOX 28 in Orlando, Florida!

Stephens takes the center of the Octagon to start. He remains patient though and sticks out a jab. leg kick for Emmett. now a body kick from Stephens.

Stephens tries for a head kick, but it doesn’t connect. Emmett looks to attack and Stephens lands on the counter. Leg kick from Emmett, but it strayed high to the groin and Stephens needs a few moments to recover.

Emmett with a head kick attempt is blocked. Now he looks to jump into a knee, but Stephens is also firing off a kick and they clash legs.

Stephens stumbles, but recovers quickly. He throws out a couple of punches. Body kick for Stephens. Jab for him now. Big right hook for Stephens now.

Uppercut from Stephens, but then Emmett clocks him with a hard counter right ook that floors His opponent! Emmett swarms on him on the mat, but Stephens seems fairly clear-headed and slowly works his way back to the feet and get back to striking range.

Emmett with a leg kick. Head kick attempt from him is blocked and Stephens lands a body kick.

Round Two:

Emmett steps into a straight punch to start the second round and has to beware of the counter on the way in. Emmett goes upstairs with a kick that’s blocked and then follows up with one to the leg.

More leg kicks from Emmett. Stephens looking to land punches. Emmett with some punches that bounce off Stephens guard. Stephens with a spinning backfist that’s blocked.

Emmett with an overhand, but Stephens blasts him with an enormous left hook that sends his opponent crashing to the canvas.

Stephens drops in with a punch and then and begins blasting at Emmett’s head with big elbows. However, he also looks to throw a knee to the head, and it’s not clear if there was contact or not – certainly nothing major, but nonetheless an illegal blow if it did.

The action continues though with Stephens landing another punch as Emmett tries to get to his knees and flops backwards, then ‘Lil Heathen’ powers in with a devastating elbow to the head that knocks him out cold with 1.35mins of the second round gone!

Huge highlight reel finish there from Stephens, though that potential illegal knee strike might be a source of controversy post-fight.


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