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Jessica Andrade Defeats Tecia Torres By Unanimous Decision At UFC On FOX 28

Jessica Andrade proved once again theat she’s as tough as they come as she ate Tecia Torres early punches at UFC On FOX 28 and then began to turn the screw with unrelenting pressure and huge takedowns.

Round One:

Early leg kick for Andrade. Nice one-two for Torres and then Andrade charges forward with punches of her own, but her opponent backs away from the majority of that.

Andrade pressing forward again and Torres lands the right hand counter again. Nice punch from Andrade this time. Torres straight down the pipe though. Andrade is threatening with her power strikes, but Torres punches are quicker and she’s landing crisp on the counter.

Another one-two from Torres connects cleanly and Andrade already has some blood leaking from her nose.

Andrade is relentless though as she stalks Torres. left hand for Andrade. Glancing right hand from the Brazilian. Big punch lands for Andrade that gets Torres attention.

Andrade clinches against the cage, but Torres soon gets away. Leg kick for Torres. Left hand for Andrade and then tries to piece together a forward pressing combination, but doesn’t land anything else meaningful.

Torres continues to remain clean on the counter, but she’s starting to breathe a little harder now. Does she have the power to really hurt the hard-headed Brazilian though?

Final seconds of the round and Andrade manages to get the clinch and then lands a huge takedown, slamming Torres to the mat.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Torres. Andrade wades in with winging left hooks that don’t land. The Brazilian is just giving Torres no room to take breathers, but for the time being Torres still has effective counters to call on when she gets too close.

Andrade gets to the clinch and hoists Torres high into the air and slams her hard to the canvas. Torres thinking about a triangle choke, but Andrade is able to brush that aside. She stands over her opponent, but doesn’t do too much with it and Torres is able to find room to stand.

Torres with a nice punch as she looks to back off her opponent. Andrade marching forward and Torres catches here again with punches.

Andrade back in close and looking for a takedown. Torres tries to counter and take her back while she’s still standing, but Andrade still manages to hurl her to the mat.

Torres looking to stand and Andrade brings her down again. Torres staying busy off her back and catches Andrade with upkicks. Andrade having to be careful here as she looks to continue applying pressure on the mat.

Torres working her way back upright and trying to land a takedown of her own, but Andrade shows good balance to maintain upright to th bell.

Round Three:

Andrade charging forward with punches to start the third and then is into the clinch against the cage and lands a takedown. Andrade looking to improve her position, but Torres does well to work her way back upright and then gets her back away from the cage.

Leg kick for Torres and Andrade counters with a hook. Andrade nicely dodges a punch and then lands a powerful takedown. Torres straight back up though.

Against the cage, Andrade bundles Torres to the mat once again. Andrade is incredibly powerful for the division. She starts working from half-guard.

Some elbow strikes to the body from Andrade, then manages to move to side control. 90 seconds to go with Andrade in control for now.

Torres manages to stand, but Andrade keeps her pressed to the cage and lands a takedown. Torres scrambles and almost ends up on top, but Andrade shakes her off and stays in control.

Torres again fighting hard to get to her feet, but Andrade puts her own her back and keeps her there for the remaining seconds of the round.


Good performance from Torres here, but Andrade was never disheartened by the punches she was eating and her strength and sheer force of will helped her seize the momentum and emerge with a unanimous decision victory (29-27, 29-28 x2).

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