Jessy Rose-Clark Claims Split Decision Win Over Bec Rawlings At UFC Fight Night 121

Jessy Rose-Clark earned a split decision victory over Bec Rawlings tonight at UFC Fight Night 121 in Australia.

Round One:

Straight punches for Rawlings to start, but Rose-Clark is willing to trade in return. Right hand for Rose-Clark. Flurry for Rawlings, but not much landed there.

Leg kick for Rose-Clark. Another attempt, but this time its caught by Rawlings who uses that to take her to the mat. Rawlings in Rose-Clark’s guard. A few punches and an elbow to the head from Rawlings and then gets to half-guard.

However, Rose-Clark then does well to transition on top. Rose-Clark throwing a couple of punches, but then Rawlings tries for an armbar. Rose-Clark defends it successfully though and settles back on top in half-guard. However, Rawlings gets her back to full guard and then gets up.

Rawlings pressuring on the feet immediately with a solid body kick. Now a kick and clean punch from Rose-Clark. Rawlings with a punch. Riht hand for Rose-Clark again. One-two for Rawlings and then another right behind it.

Hard punch from Rose-Clark. Another right hand, then a leg kick. jab for Rawlings. Good work rate from both fighters here.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Rose-Clark. Rawlings marching forward quickly. Leg kick again for Rose-Clark. Now a jab lands. solid right too, then back to the jab.

Rawlings flurry is less effective and she then opts to go into the clinch. Rose-Clark reverses the position at the 3.30min mark of the round. She lands a good knee to the body, but then there’s a jockey for position and Rawlings is back to pressing her to the cage.

Rose-Clark able to break away. As Rawlings comes forward Rose-Clark lands a nicely timed knee to the body. Jab for her. Stepping jab for Rawlings. Rose-Clark with a leg kick.

Suddenly a knee to the body from Rose-Clark backs up Rawlings and then more behind it. Rose-Clark brings Rawlings to the mat. Rose-Clark trying to work for an arm triangle choke here, but Rawlings is preventing it from being fully executed by keeping her locked in her half guard.

In the end Rose-Clark opts to give up on the choke and partially take Rawlings back. Solid elbow to the head. Rose-Clark now in full mount in the final moments of the round. She lands another elbow.

Round Three:

Both women slinging heavy leather at each other in the center of the cage. Leg kick for Rose-Clark. she continues working for those and is trading punch for punch too.

Hard leg kick for Rose-Clark and a big punch from Rawlings. Now a clean right for Rose-Clark. Solid body punch too. Kick for Rawlings now.

THree-piece combo for Rose-Clark. Both fighters landing punches in the center of the cage and then a knee to the body from Rose-Clark.

Rawlings with a right hand that slightly bluckles Rose-Clark’s legs. Rose-Clark opts to clinch up now, but Rawlings presses her to the cage. Rawlings able to shove her to the mat.

FInal minute with Rawlings on top in half guard with Rose-Clark sitting with her back to the cage. She manages to use the cage to stand back up and then moves around to Rawlings back.

Leg sweep from Rose-Clark gets Rawlings down. Rose-Clark working some ground and pound in the final seconds of the round as Rawlings works for an upkick.


Competitive action here then and it leads to the third split decision verdict in a row on tonight’s main card as Jessy Rose-Clark is declared the winner (29-28 x2, 28-29).  Perhaps a unanimous decision was justified here, but the right fighter won regardless.

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