Joaquin Buckley Beats Vicente Luque By TKO In 2nd Round At UFC On ESPN 54

Joaquin Buckley made the most of a failed takedown attempt from Vicente Luque in the 2nd round of their co-main event fight at UFC On ESPN 54, managing to get on top and land heavy ground-and-pound to claim a TKO victory.

Round One:

Both attempt a kick to start and clash legs. Low kick for Buckley. Inside leg kick from Luque. Now a body kick from Luque.

Another inside low kick from Luque. Another body kick. Buckley trying for a high kick but doesn’t land. Punch and a low kick from Buckley now though.

left hook from Luque but Buckley responds with punches of his own. Body kick from Luque and counter punches fire back from Buckley.

inside calf kick from Luque. Buckley with a few swings and misses. Body kick for Luque and Buckley always quick to throw punches in response and that time Luque backed up quickly afterwards.

Luque loses balance for a moment but it’s not clear if it was from a punch. He’s back up quickly either way.

jab for Buckley. Buckley off-balance after missing a head kick attempt and Luque throwing a counterpunch.

Body kick for Luque. Punch from Buckley off the guard. Buckley tries a power hook that just whistles over Luque’s head and Luque tries to work for a late takedown as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Head kick attempt from Luque looked dangerous but came off the guard. Jumping knee from Buckley. Inside leg kick for Luque.

Buckley with a flurry but doesn’t connect. He tries again and this time has a little more success.

Luque steps into a right hand. Now a low kick. Buckley swinging hard but coming up a little short. Head kick attempt from Buckley is blocked.

Nice left hand from Buckley. He steps in with a huge punch that misses. Right hand for Luque. Leg kick on one-side from Buckley and then a head kick attempt on the other that’s blocked.

Luque trying for a takedown now, but Buckley stuffs it and then ends up on top. Buckley landing some ground-and-pound and Luque is quickly covering up. Buckley firing off heavy punches and Luque is not really making an attempt to improve his position or escape here, and as a few strikes start to get through the guard the ref calls an end to the fight, handing Buckley a TKO Victory at 3.17mins of the 2nd round.

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