Joe Rogan Calls Jon Jones Vs Alexander Gustafsson The Greatest Fight He’s Ever Seen

Having sat Octagon-side for thousands of fights over the years as color-commentator for the UFC, Joe Rogan is as good a judge as anyone as to the quality of a fight, and in the aftermath of UFC 165 on Saturday night he declared the scintillating main event 205lb title encounter between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson that he’d just witnessed as the best of the best.

“We’re going to call it the greatest fight you and I have had the chance to call?” commentator Mike Goldberg asked him at the end of the pay-per-view event.

“It was an amazing fight, and especially considering what was at stake, I think it was the great we’ve ever seen,” Rogan stated.

Watch their full post-fight analysis below.


  1. Yes, a good fight.

    Better than Shogun vs Henderson? Nah
    Better than Don Frye vs. Ken Shamrock? No
    Kendall Groves vs. Ed Herman No
    Stephan Bonnar vs. Forrest Griffin No
    Dennis Bermudez vs Matt Grice No

    Lets not get so excited about this fight.

  2. I think a lot of the enthusiasm for this fight and the debate that’s followed regarding the decision is heavily influenced by the fact that up until now Jones looked unbeatable and had never really been tested. I really enjoyed it and wouldn’t complain if it was awarded ‘Fight Of The Year’, but I do wonder if you were to show the fight to someone who knows nothing about MMA, or in 20 years time when both fighters are long retired, whether it would still have the same impact.

  3. Well yea, thats what I meant by all of that. I’d also give it fight of the year. The 20 year thing is also what I meant.


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