Joe Rogan Recaps UFC 241; Explains Reason For DC Post-Fight Interview

As the dust begins to settle on UFC 241, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has taken to instagram to sum up his thoughts on the three big fights that topped the bill in Anaheim.

“What a crazy night!” Rogan wrote, before going on to praise the war between Paulo Costa and Yoel Romero.

“The @yoelromeromma vs @borrachinhamma lived up to the hype! Just an absolutely insane fight! The shots @yoelromeromma is able to endure seriously defy logic. The man is made out of some other worldly material. It was a crazy close fight that could have gone either way. Many people I spoke to thought Yoel won. I will have to watch it again and try to score it myself. Amazing fight either way.”

Next Rogan moved on to the co-main event and gave props to Nate Diaz, who he declared to be “the most under appreciated superstar in the UFC.”

“I’m glad @natediaz209 is getting the love and respect he deserves. I’ve been saying for years he’s the most under appreciated super star in the UFC roster. The roar when that man walked into the arena was second to none, and the fight was excellent.”

Next up Rogan addressed the heavyweight main event and explained why he sought to interview Daniel Cormier after his TKO loss, even although he had previously stated in the past that he would no longer speak to the losing fighter if they’d been knocked out.

“Congrats to the GOAT heavyweight @stipemiocic for regaining his crown and cementing his legacy as a legend!

Some people were confused as to why I interviewed DC after the fight because I’ve publicly stated that I don’t think it’s a good idea to interview fighters after they’ve been KO’ed. I think most of what happened to DC was those brutal body shots, and although Stipe dropped him with head shots he was never out cold, and seemed clear headed after he stood up and the results were announced to the crowd and Stipe got the belt given to him. The UFC asked for an interview, and I asked DC if he was ok with it, and he said, Yes. I think interviewing fighters after a brutal loss is kinda sketchy, but I was also thinking that it’s possible that this may be the last time we see DC in the octagon. I love DC, and I would never want to put him in a bad position, but I made a judgment call and felt this would be alright. Whatever he decides to do from here on out the man is a future hall of famer and one of the best to ever do it. It will be very interesting to see what he decides to do from here out.

“The undercard has some amazing fights too. Just a great fight night overall! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.”

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