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Jorge Masvidal Talks About The Struggle With His New-Found Fame

After years of fighting at a high-level, Jorge Masvidal has finally become one of the biggest names of the sport in 2019 and dealing with that level of fame hasn’t been easy for ‘Gamebred.’

“I’m just indoors most of the time now,” Masvidal told Brendan Schaub on the ‘Food Truck Diaries,’ show. “I’m not great at small chat, so when I have to do it all the time, like when I go to the supermarket and you take like 15 pictures – the talking. If it’s just like a picture and a thing, it’s cool, but when it’s like a lot of questions and stuff – and I treat everybody the same. I shook five guys’ hands, I’m not going to be an (expletive) to you like, ‘Oh, you’re the sixth guy, get out of my face,’ so that to me, to have to stay sharp like that the whole day?”

“And plus, my anxiety starts to kick in, so I stay indoors for most of the part. Large crowds give me anxiety, like being in those mosh pits and stuff, you know.”

While Masvidal is doing his best to be there for his fans, he does admit that it gets too much to handle when they start showing up at the gym when he’s trying to train.

“I’m training at my house, too, most of the time because now when I go to the gym, photoshoot, you know, it’s crazy. And that’s the only time I get mad, actually – when I’m at work. I don’t show up to anybody’s job and start (expletive) with them. ‘What are you doing on this computer,’ you know? One thing is cool if you just get the picture, but then they start talking to you while you’re in the middle of training. It’s like, ‘My brother, my mind’s in another place.’”

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