Josh Emmett KO’s Michael Johnson In Stunning Fashion At UFC On ESPN 2

Josh Emmett didn’t always get it all his own way against Michael Johnson tonight at UFC On ESPN 2, but he made up for it as he came on stronger in the final five minutes and capped it off with a huge knockout victory in the final minute.

Round One:

Leg kick for Johnson. He fires out the jab. Emmett lurches forward as Johnson tries to counter a short flurry.

Emmett tries to go in on a takedown, but Johnson brushes him aside. Left hand for Johnson.

Kick off the arms from Johnson. Both fighters land hooks. Right hand from Emmett backs Johnson up. Jab to the body for him.

Johnson lands a jab to the nose. Leg kick for Emmett. Head kick attempt from Emmett. One-two lands for Johnson.

Emmett momentarily tries to grapple then gives up on it. Jab to the body for Johnson. Emmett wings a hook that misses. Punch gets through for Emmett, but as he comes forward Johnson fires off a counter to give him something to think about.

Round Two:

Kick upstairs from Emmett. Both fighters unleashing punches now. Nice left hook counter from Johnson. Right hand for Emmet gets through.

Leg kick for Johnson. Punch lands for him. Nice hook for Johnson and he celebrates that verbally. They exchange in close and another left hand counter connects for Johnson.

Body punch for Johnson. Solid right for Emmett. High body kick from Emmett. Body kick for Johnson. Kick for Emmett, buit lands to his groin and forces a stoppage.

They quickly get back to it. Big punch from Johnson and Emmett paused for a brief moment after that one.

Round Three:

Right hand just misses for Emmett. Emmett comes barrelling forward and Johnson is throwing punches off the backfoot as he reverses, but not quite connecting.

Emmett tries to come in on a takedown, but then abandons it and throws upstairs instead.

Emmett reaching a bit with punches, but packing plenty of power into his blows if they do find a home. He tries a head kick, but it’s blocked.

Overhand right from Emmett. Jab for Emmett and then to the body. Emmett leading with a right hand. Body kick for Johnson.

Glancing hook counters from Johnson. Johnson with a couple of punches. Trading hooks now. Front kick to the body from Johnson.

Final minute of the round and Emmett unleashes a devasating overhand right that lands flush and it sends Johnson falling backwards like a felled tree uunconscious for a stunning highlight real knockout finish 46 seconds before the end of the fight!

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