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Juan Espino Defeats Justin Frazier By First Round Submission At TUF 28 Finale

Juan Espino easily outgrappled Justin Frazier tonight in the heavyweight TUF 28 Final to emerge as the winner via first round submission.

Round One:

Espino immediately in on a takedown attempt and slams Frazier to the mat. Frazier trying to stand, but Espino able to keep him down as he works some ground and pound.

Frazier trapped against the cage here and Espino lands a hard left hand. Mauling punches from Espino and Frazier gives up his back.

Espino lands punches to the head, but unable to flatten out Frazier so far. He chips away with more punches and tries for a rear-naked choke, but quickly gives up on it.

Suddenly Frazier manages to stand up, but Espino charges him straight into the cage again. Big knee to Frazier’s vast belly. They go across the cage and Espino lands another takedown.

Espino gets the crucifix position and then works for a straight armlock and that forces the tap-out from Frazier with 3.36min of the first round. Espino is the heavyweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 28 and he made it look easy.

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