Julian Marquez Submits Sam Alvey After Flooring Him At UFC On ABC 2

Julian Marquez picked up his second win of the year tonight with a rear-naked choke submission finish against Sam Alvey.

Round One:

Marquez immediately pressing forward and backs up Alvey to the cage. Right hand for Marquez after a lot of just feeling out with the jab.

Body punch for Marquez. Alvey missing with his counters so far. Solid right hand for Marquez. Again Alvey winds up with hooks and misses.

Marquez tags him again and Alvey again misses with hooks in response. Stepping punch from Alvey but Marquez blasted him with a straight punch that seemed to daze him for a moment.

Right hand scores for Marquez. Head kick attempt from Alvey was blocked. Frenzied action for a moment as they both swing for the fences without too much precision.

Front kick upstairs attempted by Alvey, but doesn’t connect. Alvey with blood leaking from the nose. He does land a right hand though.

Now a right hook counter from Alvey and Marquez seems a bit dazed. Alvey tries to capitalize but the end of the round comes as he’s letting his hands go.

Round Two:

Marquez constantly feeling out with his lead hand. winging hooks from Alvey miss. A right hook does then land for him. He steps in and lands an even better one than before, but marquez takes it.

Hard right hand for Marquez now. Short hook for Alvey. Body punch from Marquez. Grazing right for Alvey. Nice right for Marquez as they trade at close range.

Right hook for Marquez and Alvey is wobbled. He lands again and a big left sends Alvey down. The dazed Alvey instinctively reaches in desperation for a takedown attempt from his knees, but Marquez gets behind him and sinks in a rear-naked choke that sends his opponent to sleep at 2.07mins of the second round.

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