Kamaru Usman Grinds Out Decision Victory Over Emil Weber Meek At UFC Fight Night 124

Kamaru Usman was able to dominate Emil Weber Meek with his superior wrestling tonight at UFC Fight Night 124 in St. Louis.

Round One:

Usman comes in low and Meek tries to catch him with early punches. However, Usman quickly goes for a single-leg and takes him straight to the mat.

Meek wraps in an arm-in guillotine from his back, but Usman stays calm and eventually breaks free, then drives his still-ground opponent close to the cage.

Meek able to stand back up, but Usman has the body lock still and is landing a few knees to the legs. Usman continually challenging Meek’s base here, trying to use his own legs to bring him back down. In the end his patience wears out and he uses a different strategy, lifting him up and slamming him to the mat.

Usman in side control, but he isn’t doing too much with the position and Meek is almost able to get back to his feet, but has to settle for being on one knee with his back against the cage for now.

Usman landing a few hammerfists and body punches, while Meek throws elbows back up at him, opening up a cut towards the end of the round.

Round Two:

Meek with a kick to start the round and then tries for another upstairs that misses. A couple more body kicks from Meek. Right hook for Usman.

This time Usman catches a kick, but as he tries to capitalize on that Meek threatens with a spinning backfist attempt.

Now Usman getting into clinch range and works for a takedown against the cage. He gets him to his knees, but Meek stands up again for now. Usman still on him though and slams him to the mat.

Meek to one knee and stands, but Usman trips him down again. The same thing happens all over again. Usman with a few punches to Meek’s body as he tries to make sure he can’t get a kimura submission attempt.

Meek now working a few elbow, but then Usman drops down elbow on his head and opens up a cut high on the forehead.

Final minute and Meek continues to bloody Meek’s face with ground and pound. Usman posturing up to drop down some final punches to end the round.

Round Three:

Meek with a leg kick. Kick from him goes astray to the groin and Usman needs a moment to recover. They get back to it and Meek comes pouring forward with a flurry of strikes. However, Usman clinches up and hoists Meek into the air for another big takedown to neutralize that offensive push.

Usman standing over his opponent dropping down punches, but Meek does a good job of kicking him off and then standing. Usman quickly back on him though and drags him back down against the cage. Meek’s face smothered in blood now.

Meek struggles back to his feet, only to be dragged back down again. Meek trying for a kimura attempt, but Usman is able to shake that off. Meek to one knee, but gets knocked off-balance by Usman and then manuled with some ground and pound. Meek bucks him off and stands, but Usman throws him to the middle of the Octagon floor yet again.


Complete control from Usman here with takedowns and wrestling and so it’s no surprise to see him pick up a clean sweep on the scorecards (30-27 x3).

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