Khabib Nurmagomedov Calls For Russian’s To Stay At Home As Covid-19 Cases Rise

UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has urged the Russian people to stay at home as cases of Covid-19 continue to rise in the country.

At the time of writing Russia is fast approaching the 100,000 mark in terms of the number of people officially diagnosed with covid-19, and 867 deaths, though there’s been speculation that the actual figures may be significantly higher than have been disclosed.

“Many hoped that this trouble would pass our house by; many still don’t believe in the seriousness of the situation,” Nurmagomedov wrote on Instagram. “However, our negligence toward the advice and requests of doctors, coupled with the panic that has developed among the people, has led to a high rate of the spread of the disease, worsening an already difficult situation every day. This has led to the fact that our hospitals are now overcrowded with patients, there aren’t enough specialists or drugs, and the number of patients is only growing.

“Believe me. This disease is deadly and we already feel it. Staying at home, we can reduce the burden on doctors and hospitals, and perhaps our timely care will save lives. Take care of your loved ones, do not let them out of the house unnecessarily. May Allah protect us all from all diseases and cure the sick and loved ones all around the world.”

Nurmagomedov’s statement comes after President Vladimir Putin also pleaded with his citizens to not underestimate the virus, stating that, “The peak is not behind us, we are about to face a new and grueling phase of the pandemic… the deadly threat of the virus remains.”

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