Khabib Nurmagomedov Submits Dustin Poirier In Third Round At UFC 242

Khabib Nurmagomedov demonstrated once again at UFC 242 why he’s the most dominant force at lightweight with a third round submission victory over Dustin Poirier.

Round One:

The main event lightweight title fight is underway in Abu Dhabi.

Low leg kick to start from Poirier. Khabib steps away from another one. Nurmagomedov with a front kick to the body, but Nurmagomedov catches it quickly…opts not to try for the takedown though.

leg kick for Poirier and then one to the body soon after. Khabib just misses with a punch but then connects with another and goes in for his first takedown attempt.

Nurmagomedov Pressing Poirier against the cage as he works for this takedown, then switches to the back and brings him down. Poirier trying to get back up, but Khabib is still on him.

Poirier trying to scramble, but Khabib does really well to stay on top and takes his back. Neck crank attempt from Nurmagomedov.

Poirier trying to turn into him. Khabib lands punches and then goes for the neck crank again. Poirier survives that and stands, but Nurmagomedov is still on him.

Porier does well to turn to gets Khabib off his back, but still remains in the clinch and then Nurmagomedov takes the back again and brings him down. Poirier on one knee and looking to stand.

He does so, but Khabib trips him to the mat. Poirier straight back up, but Khabib stays on his back and knees him to the leg.

Poirier tries a nice switch, but Khabib is locked solidly onto him and lands on top anyway. Now Nurmagomedov edging up towards full mount. Not much room to move here with Poirier’s back against the cage, but he does get him flattened out and lands some big ground and pound to end the round on a high.

Round Two:

Poirier tries for a body puch. He lands a leg kick. Nurmagomedov leaps into a knee, but misses. Poirier connects with a right hand and suddenly Khabib is backing up!

Nurmagomedov with a punch to let Poirier know he can crack too. Poirier coming forward with confidence now though and throws a flurry of strikes. Poirier having some good moments here, but then Khabib flashes into a takedown and has him down in his world again.

Poirier trying hard to get back up, but Nurmagomedov is having none of it. Khabib locks up Poirier’s legs as he advances forward. Poirier’s back up against the cage now and then gets to one knee. Poirier bleeding from his left eye here and feeling at it as he stands.

Nurmagomedov still clinched up as ever though. Nice takedown from Khabib. Poirier back to his feet with one hand down and then stands.

Poirier thinking about a guillotine choke here as Nurmagomedov tries to set up another takedown opportunity. Poirier manages to get away from his stifling grip for a moment, but then he’s straight back into it again and has the challengers back.

A trip brings Poirier down. he stands again. 10 seconds to go in the round. Good knee upstairs from Khabib. he steps back but there’s not enough time to do anything. Poirier puts his hands on his knees after the horn sounds.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Poirier. Another lands. He goes for a left hand and it just glances the target. Strike for Khabib. winging punch from Poirier doesn’t connect. Right hand for Khabib and then in on a takedown attempt.

Poirier counters with a guillotine choke as they go to the mat. It’s a decent attempt and eventually Khabib moves to attempt to break free and get back on top. Poirier readjusts it though and it looks tighter.

Khabib manages to escape though and is not comfortably on top again and take the back. He goes for a rear-naked choke, but quickly lets it go. However, soon after he again goes for the same choke again as Poirier is on one knee and this time it’s fully under the neck and as he drops back with it Poirier is already tapping out at 2.06mins of the third round!!

Khabib successfully defends his title and maintains his unbeaten record.

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