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Khabib Nurmagomedov Wants PAID To Fight Conor McGregor

In a new interview with TMZ, Khabib Nurmagomedov has made it clear he’s happy to fight Conor McGregor – but only if he’s getting paid accordingly for what’s set to be a blockbuster showdown.

“We’re just beginning negotiations,” Nurmagomedov told TMZ. “I don’t know. It’s about UFC, it’s about Conor too, cause they make decision but interesting situation. If they want to make money fight, they have to pay me, too. I’m not going to give him chance to use my name, Conor makes money, UFC makes money and I make $200,000. No way.

“If they want me to fight on my current contract, I can fight but OK give me [Dustin] Poirier. I’m going to follow my contract. But if they want to use my name and use me to make money for Conor and the UFC, no way.”

Money issues aside, Nurmagomedov says he’s eager to get his hands on his biggest rival and finally settle their differences inside the Octagon.

“I hope they’re going to make this fight because I really want to change this guy’s face. I really want this. I really want to meet him alone inside the cage. Only me and him. [If] they want to use me, I am the undefeated, undisputed UFC lightweight champion, I no need him. He needs me.

“His last four fights is like 2-2, he don’t fight for two years, he don’t deserve this title shot. Dustin Poirier’s on the line, he deserves this. If they want to use me and make a lot of millions, use my name, no way. They want a money fight, please pay me.

“If you want a money fight, pay me money.”

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