Khalil Rountree Defeats Eryk Anders By Unanimous Decision At UFC 236

Khalil Rountree put together something of a muay thai masterclass tonight at UFC 236 as he dominated Eryk Anders on the feet to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Leg kick for Rountree. Two jabs for Rountree testing Anders guard. Leg kick for him now. Inside leg kick now. Then a powerful outside kick.

All Rountree for now as he works his muay thai kicks. Now he unleashes punches and backs up Anders. Hard body kick. Anders hasn’t really done anything so far.

Inside leg kick for Rountree. Another lands. Jabs for Rountree. Now a left hand gets through the guard. leg kick and that time Anders almost manages to lands a counter.

Body kick for Rountree. Another inside leg kick and Anders limped a little there for a second. Powerful leg kick and then another. Both making a huge sound throughout the arena.

Punch lands for Anders. Now he catches a kick and tries a spinning elbow off of it.

More huge leg kicks for Rountree. Now a knee to the body. Overhand left for Anders. Anders limping back to the corner with his right thigh completely red.

Round Two:

Back to the inside leg kick from Rountree. Now a great combination of punches and kicks. Huge strike for Rountree and Anders is floored.

Rountree with strikes, but then he opts to let him back up.

it’s not long before Rountree lands a left hook and Anders is dropped again. Rountree kicks his legs and then lets him back up.

Anders trying for a takedown but failing. Anders trying to get his wrestling down but he’s still getting beat up by Rountree here.

Left hand for Rountree. Body punch for Anders and then Rountree unleashes a huge combo punctuated by a right hok and that drops Anders for the third time in the round!

Somehow Anders manages to get back to his feet. Huge body ick fo Rountree. Now a leg kick. That big right hook and Anders goes down yet again. Crazy stuff, how much can Anders take? Perhaps the ref should just stop this now.

Right and a left hook for Rountree towards the end of the round.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Rountree and Anders lands a nice counter punch. He needs a lot more of that and a lot less of what happened in the previous round.

Left hand for Anders and kicks for Rountree. Right hook for Rountree. Body punch for him. Inside leg kick again now.

Solid right hand for Rountree. Punch for Anders. Body kick attempt for Anders doesn’t pay off and he eats a leg kick in return.

high body kick for Rountree. Now to the leg again. OUtside leg kick. Right hook and a body kick for Rountree. jab for Anders. Another leg kick.

Right hook for Rountree. Kick upstairs from Anders misses. Inside leg kick for Rountree. Now a body kick. Head kick attempt from Anders is blocked.

leg kick and a series of punches from Rountree. He touches the already tenderized inside leg with a kick. Hard left hook for Rountree. Another punche lands as Anders comes into range and staggers him for a moment. Head kick attempt from Anders to end the round.


No doubt about the winner here, Rountree showed terrific muay thai to earn himself a unanimous decision victory ().

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