Khalil Rountree Knee Stomp TKO’s Modestas Bukauskas At UFC Fight Night 191

Khalil Rountree earned a TKO stoppage in gnarly fashion tonight at UFC FIght Night 191 as a big stomp to the knee instantly floored Modestas Bukauskas and left him unable to continue.

Round One:

Big straight left for Rountree lands. He’s swinging big to start this fight and that was the first one to really find a home.

He lands again and Bukauskas is backing up, with Rountree charging forward looking to land again. More punches for Rountree and Bukauskas is just trying to weather the storm as best he can here.

Rountree slows down his pace a bit, but he’s still throwing with massive power when he does let his hands go and Bukauskas nose appears to be broken and bloodied.

Bukauskas lands a front kick to the body and Rountree lands a punch on the counter. Punch down the pipe for Bukauskas.

Head kick attempt from Bukauskas, but not much momentum behind that one and it’s blocked. Big leg kick for Routnree.

Solid jab for Rountree. Bukauskas attempts a kick and Rountree is threatening with a hook in return.

Jb for Bukauskas. He just misses on a hook. left hand a kick behind it for Rountree. He lands another leg kick. Punch from Bukauskas, low kick again for Rountree.

Body kick for Bukauskas. Leg kick for Rountree. Bukauskas was thinking about a spinning attack just as Rountree clocked him clean in the face in the final stages of the round.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Rountree. Another lands. A third connects and continues to eat away at that lead leg. Rountree steps into a punch.

One-two lands for Rountree. Jab for Bukauskas, but he’s not following up behind it. Punch for Bukauskas and a harder one from Rountree in return.

Bukauskas just grazes the target with a straight right. Light one-two from him now. He looks for a punch and Rountree counters by stomping to his knee. Bukauskas yells out and pain and drops heavily to the floor clutching at his knee, and that’s it, the fight is over via TKO at 2.30mins of the second round due to that brutal knee strike.

It’s not clear how badly Bukauskas leg is damaged, but he clearly knew the fight was over the second he felt that strike as he didn’t make any attempt to fight back or defend himself afterwards.

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