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Legal Expert Believes Conor McGregor Won’t Get Jail Time For Bus Attack

Conor McGregor is likely to escape serving time behind bars, despite being caught on camera throwing a steel dolly through a bus window after a UFC 217 in Brooklyn, New York last month.

That’s the verdict of legal expert, Dmitry Shakhnevich, host of the Fight Lawyer show, who says in a new interview with that McGregor could potentially face up to seven years in jail for his assault and criminal mischief charges, but is likely to get away with little more than a slap on the wrist due to this being his first offense.

“What’ll likely happen is he’ll probably get it reduced to either a misdemeanor or maybe even a non-criminal disposition, though that’s unlikely,” Shakhnevich said when asaked about McGregor’s likely punishment. “I don’t think he’ll serve any jail time at all. Again, that’s highly unlikely. I think he’ll probably be sentenced to some form of community service or something of that nature, and the case will go away.”

That being said, Shakhnevich notes that McGregor could have problems getting back into the United States if he is found guilty.

“The issue is immigration. If by way of a guilty plea he’s convicted of a misdemeanor, that can have immigration consequences. I don’t think it will – I think his lawyers will craft something creative to work around that. But that’s really what you have to look out for here.”

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