Leon Edwards Defeats Peter Sobotta By TKO In Final Second At UFC Fight Night 127

Leon Edwards left it as late as humanly possible to defeat Peter Sobotta at UFC Fight Night 127 in London, with the referee handing him a TKO victory in the final second of the 15-minute fight.

Round One:

Sobotta with an immeidate leg kick to start. As Sobotta comes stalking forward Edwards unleashing a rangey right hook that floors Sobotta.

Edwards follows him to the mat, but Sobotta is clear-headed enough to throw up an immediate armbar attempt and Edwards has to be very careful as he defends that and stays on top.

Edwards working on Sobotta’s guard, but his opponent isn’t making life comfortable for him as he’s constantly looking for more potential opening for submissions.

After struggling to pass Sobotta’s guard, Edwards decides to back out and reset the fight on the feet.

Nice jab from Sobotta gets Edwards attention. Another one gets through. Edwards with a body kick. He tries to land a front kick to the face that just comes up short as the round ends.

Round Two:

leg kick for Sobotta. Body kick attempt for Edwards, but it strays low and lands to the groin, forcing a brief stoppage.

Leg kick again for Sobotta on the restart. Now one to the body. Edwards misses with his own body kick attempt. Short right hook for Sobotta.

Edwards launches a few strikes that miss, but it sets up a clinch and then he lands a takedown. Edwards in his opponent’s guard and attempting to pass to half-guard.

Sobotta starts working on a kimura attempt half-way through the round. Sobotta able to take Edwards back as he continues to work on the submission, but Edwards manages to shake him off. He’s still doggedly handing on to the arm, but Edwards finally breaks free fully and gets straight back into Sobotta’s guard.

Not much happening here with Edwards just looking for control on the mat and so in the final minute the ref stands them back up.

Edwards ducks a punch and tries for a hook that doesn’t connect cleanly. Body kick from Edwards is blocked. Edwards misses with the overhand and thats the end of the round.

Round Three:

Edwards just misses with a head kick and Sobotta counters with punches. Sobotta tries for a takedown, but Edwards shows on excellent sprawl to stifle it and then moves into the clinch briefly.

Back into striking range Edwards goes, but its Sobotta who lands with a left hand. Nice slip and then an uppercut from Edwards.

Sobotta in on another takedown and this time Edwards isn’t able to stuff it and goes to the mat. He uses the cage to stand back up quickly though, but Sobotta takes the back clinch in the process.

Sobotta goes for the takedown again, but Edwards does very well to not only stop that attempt, but also end up on top against the cage.

Two minutes to go and Edwards manages to secure half-guard. He manages to drop down a couple of elbow strikes and opens up a cut. Sobotta turns onto his stomach and seems to be in some discomfort as Edwards works some ground and pound. Sobotta’s abandoned his BJJ now and is just in survival mode now.

It looks like Sobotta’s going to survive despite Edwards continuing to land more strikes, but in the final second of the fight the ref decides he’s had enough and waves off the action, handing ‘Rocky’ a TKO finish at 4.59mins of the third round.

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