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Liz Carmouche Beats Lucie Pudilova By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN+ 3

Liz Carmouche was able to get the better of the Czech Republic’s own Lucie Pudilova on the scorecards at UFC On ESPN+ 3 in Prague tonight thanks to her wrestling and clinch work.

Round One:

Carmouche almost catches a leg kick and then works into the clinch. She moves Pudilova over to the cage. She’d like to get her taller opponent to the mat as quickly as possible here.

Not much happening here, but Carmouche strong for now in the clinch. Occasional knee to the inside thigh from Carmouche.

Pudilova down on one knee defending with a wide stance now. Unusally Carmouche punches to the calf as she puts her shoulder into Pudilova’s midsection working for a takedown.

Finally Carmouche is able to pull Pudilova’s legs out from under her to get the takedown. There’s a lot of blood leaking down from somebody, looks like it’s Carmouche. There’s a lot of crimson on the mat, perhaps from an elbow high on Carmouche’s head.

Pudilova trying to sink in a chocke from her back, but nothing doing. In the final seconds of the round Pudilova is back up and trying a standing choke, but Carmouche survives.

Round Two:

Pudilova misses with a high kick. She’s looking to get busier with strikes in the early stages of the round, but then settles down into a slower rhythm. She lands a rangey leg kick.

Right hand just comes up short from Pudilova. Now threatening with a right hook that just grazes past Carmouche’s face.

Pudilova flicks out the jab. Carmouche with a kick. Pudilova just misse with a head kick. She’s continuing to try for that move, but even with her height and reach advantage she’s not quite able to stick it.

Carmouche suddenly able to get Pudilova to the mat. Now she moves into full mount. Pudilova trying to use those long legs to wall walk on the cage and then is able to push off and reverse the position to end up in Carmouche’s full guard.

Pudilova picking Carmouche up and slamming her down to the mat a couple of times. Now she’s bombing down a couple of elbows. She goes back to her feet and lands a kick as Carmouche stays on the mat in the remaining seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Missed kicks from Pudilova. Body kick for her. Rangey punches from Pudilova, but not connecting. She tries an axe kick that also doesn’t pay off.

Carmouche makes Pudilova miss again and then tries to rush in, but she too is having a hard time finding the target. Leg kick for Pudilova as she stays the busier of the two, even though not much is landing.

Leg kick for Carmouche. Axe kick attempt from Pudilova, but that just gives Carmouche as chance to get inside, grab her leg and work a takedown. Costly error from the Czech fighter.

Carmouche gets to side control. Pudilova gets back to half-guard. Carmouche trying for a heel hook and Pudilova is on the defensive all of a sudden.

Pudilova manages to get into a little bit more comfortable of a position and starts dropping down a series of elbows to the glutes of Carmouche.

Suddenly Pudilova scrambles on top, but Carmouche is working for an armbar. Pudilova steers clear of that and lands some hard ground and pound to end the final round.


Solid performance from Carmouche then, with her wrestling being the key difference between them as she earns herself a unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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