Lucas Almeida TKO’s Michael Trizano In 3rd Round At UFC Fight Night 207

Lucas Almeida had to dig deep tonight when a strong start for much of the opening round was cancelled out after being dropped by a punch from Michael Trizano, and his dogged determination paid off when he floored his opponent in both the second and third round before securing a TKO stoppage via ground and pound.

Round One:

A few feelers thrown out by Trizano and then steps into a short flurry of punches. Nice punch from Almeida.

Right hand from Almeida. He’s landing to the leg too with kicks and then connects with one to the body.

Another body kick for Almeida. Trizano with a left hook and then into the clinch and moves over to the cage as he looks for a potential takedown attempt.

Not much happening from there and Almeida eventually works free. Almeida with a combination of punches to the body, head and a leg kick for good measure. Another brief combo for him.

Trizano into the clinch again but again his takedown attempt stalls from there and Almeida lands a strike on the way back out.

Body punches from Almeida and a leg kick. Straight right from Trizano. Almeida stepping in and Trizano catches him with a left hook and it instantly has him on wobbly legs. Trizano lands a knee as the action goes to the floor.

Trizano looking for ground and pound now and Almeida starts to look for a possible leg lock as the round is ending.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Almeida. left hand for Trizano and another leg kick for Almeida. Push kick from Trizano. Almeida continuing to chip away with kicks to that lead leg.

Body kick for Trizano and almost gets caught with a counter punch. Another kick from Almeida. Body punch and leg kick now. They both trade a punch apiece and Almeida’s right hand landed cleaner.

Push kick from Trizano. Almeida looks for a flurry, but Trizano snaps his head back with the jab.

Almeida with a nice connection upstairs now. he lands a short flurry. Almeida catches Trizano with a hook and it drops him.

Almeida follows him down and starts working from his guard with more than two minutes of the round remaining.

Almeida being patient on top here despite having just rocked his opponent. Trizano trying to work his way back to his feet and Almeida opts to stand over him then drops back into guard, and unfortunately there’s a clash of heads on the way down that instantly sees Trizano bleeding heavily from a cut above his right eye.

To his credit Trizano manages to battle back to his feet and at that point the ref opts to bring in the doctor to look at that cut.

The doc says the action can continue. Trizano with a left hand on the counter. Now he goes for a flying knee that seemed to partially connect, and Almeida responds by trying for one of his own that doesn’t land.

Round Three:

Trizano’s cut is deep and the cutman wasn’t able to fully stem the bleeding. Only five minutes remaining though so hopefully it won’t be an issue.

Almeida back to landing those leg kicks. Now he works a punch to the body and then upstairs. Trizano looking to fire back now, but he gets caught by another left hook that drops him, almost exactly like the one a round earlier.

Almeida wades in with an onslaught of ground and pound blows and Trizano starts to wilt under the offensive pressure, forcing a TKO stoppage at the 0.55min mark of the final round.

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