Lyoto Machida Beats Eryk Anders By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 125

Lyoto Machida emerged victorious in his hometown of Belem, Brazil tonight at UFC Fight Night 125 by way of a split decision against Eryk Anders.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway in Belem, Brazil.

Machida with an early leg kick from his traditional karate stance. Now a front kick to the body as he operates on the outside edge of the Octagon.

Another body kick for Machida. He lands a leg kick and it buckles Anders leg and sends him to the mat. Machida follows him to the mat and settles into Anders full guard.

Machida with a punch and then Anders forces him away. Anders stays on his back as Machida stays over him though. Machida looking to back down again, but is struggling to find a way to get there safely.

machida with a couple of kicks to the legs of his grounded opponent. Not much happening here though. Bit of a stalemate. A couple more leg kicks from machida though.

Finally he does drop down with a punch, but he’s not able to do much more before Anders gets back to his feet.

Anders back to pressing the action from the center of the cage. Machida with another kick and Anders isn’t liking those.

Inside leg kick for Machida. Anders tries for a head kick attempt that’s blocked. Very little offense from Anders as he tries to figure out how to get at ‘The Dragon.’

Round Two:

Anders tries a head kick that misses and Machida responds with a leg kick. Machida tries for a front kick to the body, but this time Anders perfectly times a straight counter left that lands flush to the face.

Machida steps backwards and Anders works into the clinch against the cage. Anders tries for a takedown, but Machida stuffs it and moves away.

Machida circling both ways around the cage. Glancing right hand gets through for Anders. Leg kick for Machida. Machida rushes in with a left hand and almost gets caught on the counter before he escapes back to a safer range.

Anders tries to close the distance, but Machida fires off a couple of quick punches to keep him at bay. left hand from Anders as Machida backs off.

leg kick for Machida. Lull in the action and then Anders connects with a left hand that seemed to stun Machida a little. Anders tries to take advantage, but a takedown attempt doesn’t pay off.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Machida. Now a well-timed left hand. Machida tries for a body kick, but it’s caught by Anders and he uses it to take the Brazilian down.

Machida doing well to stand back up, but he ate a knee while doing so and now has blood pouring down his face from a cut to the forehead.

Anders with a kick. Machida with a body kick. Lots of movement on the outside for Machida and not a lot of action. He’s wiping away some of the blood near his eyes here.

Swift left hand lands for Machida. Anders tries to land a power overhand left as Machida comes into range again, but misses.

Leg kick for Machida. ‘The Dragon’ with a short flurry, but doesn’t find a home for his punches. Glancing punch for Machida, but Anders responds with a much bigger punch that snaps the Brazilian’s head back.

Anders follows up with a takedown attempt that doesn’t happen, but settles into the clinch instead. Final seconds of the round and they are both looking to connect with strikes, but neither makes a meaningful connection.

Round Four:

left hand lands early for Machida. Body kick for the Brazilian. Now a knee. Anders tries to clinch, but Machida brushes him off. Another good body kick for Machida.

Anders swinging wildly with a couple of big right hooks. Another body kick for Machida. Anders still being patient and is still trying to find a way to get inside and land effectively on the ever-elusive Machida.

Nice left hand for Anders and then another as Machida tries to back up and he stumbles to the mat. As he gets back up, Anders lands a knee and then presses him into the cage.

Anders with a solid knee to the leg. Knee to the body from Machida. Anders wants the fight to the floor, but Machida manages to separate.

Body kick for Machida, but Anders catches it and tries for the single leg. Not happening for the time being, but he stays in the clinch.

Anders back to a single-leg and this time he does bring him down, but only for a brief moment before he stands again. Anders again works for the single-leg. Machida stays upright and then manages to break free as Anders swings and misses with a punch.

Round Five:

Body kick for Machida. Now a leg kick. Again he lands the leg kick. He tries for one upstairs, but it’s blocked. Anders stalking, but needs to get busier with his offense.

Body kick for Machida and looks for a punch behind it. Good body kick for Machida, but he gets caught with a counter left.

Front body kick for Machida. Inside leg kick for Machida. Anders moves into the clinch against the cage and lands a couple of knees. Machida does well to shove him aside.

Body kick for Machida. Two body punches for Anders, but takes knee to the body from ‘The Dragon’ and then gets off-balance as he tries to move forward.

Hard front kick to the midsection for Machida. Spinning back kick from Machida to the body, but then Anders moves in and manages to land a takedown. Machida quickly back up though.

Anders lands a punch and looks to follow up, but Machida is ok and they are both looking for a final opportunity to land strikes as the round ends.


There wasn’t a whole lot of action over the course of five rounds here, so it’s interesting to see how the judges score it, and in the end they have reached a split decision verdict that sees Lyoto Machida emerge victorious (48-47, 47-48, 49-46).

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