Marion Reneau Defeats Talita de Oliveira Bernardo By Late TKO At UFC Fight Night 115

Marion Reneau had to wait until the dying seconds of the third round to secure a TKO win over late replacement newcomer Talita De Oliveira Bernardo at UFC Fight Night 115.

Round One:

Leg kick for Bernardo as Reneau comes forward with punches. Straight punches down the pipe from Reneau.

Bernardo manages to land an early takedown. Nice work and this is where the late notice newcomer wanted the fight.

Working in Reneau’s guard, Bernardo looking to land ground and pound. she wants to pass, but Reneau keeps her in full guard for now, then manages to work a sweep to get on top.

However, Bernardo is now working for a kneebar. Reneau survives that, but as Bernardo gives up on the attempt she is able to get back on top.

Reneau trying for a triangle choke. Potential armbar here too. Bernardo out and is back to pressuring her opponent again on top.

Bernardo showing good ground skills here in her debut, but Reneau is a worthy adversary. Back in the veteran’s full guard again, Bernardo tries to get off some more ground and pound, but is mostly stifled until the end of the round.

Round Two:

Reneau pumping out the jab. Bernardo with a leg kick. punch to the body now. Bernardo with a leg kick, but not a lot of convinction in it. Fatigue may become a factor for her as this fight goes on given that she only had a week to prepare for this fight.

Nice punch for Reneau. Right hand for Bernardo and she immediately drops for a takedown in response. Reneau stuffs it though and Bernardo is forced to stand back up.

Reneau looking the fresher fighter and starting to piece together her punches. Nice punches to the body which will only further deplete her opponent’s energy reserves. Bernardo’s own offense is coming back much slower now and she really needs to get the fight to the floor again.

Right on cue Bernardo goes for the takedown, but Reneau brushes it aside easily. Back on her feet, Bernardo doesn’t get demoralized and manages to time a takedown better this time and does get Reneau to the mat.

That was a much needed respite, but unfortunately for her, it’s not long before Reneau manages to get back to her feet and then presses forward on the attack.

Reneau landing a nice combination to the head and body. She presses Bernardo against the cage and continues to rough her up. Bernardo trying for a hip toss, but nothing doing. Reneau with another combination that connects and Bernardo drops down heavily for another takedown. That looked as much to escape the strikes as anything else and didn’t pay off. She’s very tired and still has another five minutes to go.

Round Three:

Reneau still looks fresh and comes out swinging. Bernardo tries for an early takedown, but it’s stuffed. They remain in the clinch and Bernardo is able to trip Reneau to the mat. That’s huge for her, but can she keep her there?

Reneau has a cut to her left eye, but she tries to go for a triangle choke. Bernardo aware though and gets into a better position. Reneau tempting an armbar as well, then shifts the arm triangle attempt and for a moment it looks tighter, but then she lets it go.

Bernardo still on top, but it’s Reneau who’s the more offensive and then she’s able to move quite easily on top. Bernardo still struggling with fatigue. Nice elbow from Reneau.

Bernardo almost manages to roll back on top, but Reneau adjusts and takes her opponent’s back looking for a rear-naked choke. Bernardo is game and tries to roll. Reneau starting to unleash good ground and pound now though and is continuing to show very good conditioning.

Big series of punches from Reneau and Bernardo’s getting overwhelmed now. There’s only seconds remaining in the fight, but the referee feels he has to step in to save the spent Bernardo from this beating and ends the fight.

Nice performance from Reneau, but big credit to the late replacement Bernardo for her making her work hard for her victory and showing some good ground work until fatigue set in.

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