Mariya Agapova Drops Then Submits Sabina Mazo In 3rd Round At UFC Fight Night 194

Mariya Agapova completely dominant Sabina Mazo on the feet tonight at UFC Fight Night 194, before she finally floored her with a huge right hook in the third round and then pounced on a swift submission finish.

Round One:

Leg kick for Agapova. She lands it again. Mazo misses one of her own. another leg kick for Agapova. Now a few body punches from Agapova.

Both ladies lands a straight punch. Another exchange in close. Right hook and left hand from Agapova. They exchange leg kicks.

Body punches and one upstairs from Agapova. Now another hard punch as she finds her range early. Right to the body, left upstairs from Agapova. Mazo is taking the center of the Octagon, but Agapova is winning these early striking battles comfortably.

Mazo attempts to change this up by fighting into the clinch, but they break free quickly. Again Agapova lets her hands go with a flurry and Mazo is trying to fire back.

Agapova misses a punch and Mazo lands a body kick counter. Solid right hand snaps Mazo’s head back. Body punch and then another clean punch upstairs for her.

High kick off of punches for Agapova. She does the same combination again. Really all Agapova so far, but then Mazo does connect a straight punch that sends Agapova back momentarily, with a kick also landing.

Agapova finds the mark again with a punch. Now a body kick. Spinning backfist from Agapova partially lands, but she falls off-balance afterwards.

Another body kick for Agapova. Body kick from Mazo but eats a punch on the counter.

Round Two:

Low kick for Agapova. Leg kicks exchanged now. Big three-piece combo from Agapova. Leg kick for Mazo. Now a body punch. Leg kick. Mazo always taking the center of the Octagon, but not able to really get her own offensive going effectively.

Left hand for Agapova. Again with the one-two. Missed kicks from Mazo. There’s not much conviction behind her work right now.

Agapova with a leg kick. Body punch. Left and right hand lands. Inside leg kick now. Solid straight left for her as Mazo continues to fail to find the target.

Body kick lands for Mazo. Leg kick for Agapova. Mazo works into the clinch against the cage. Agapova trying to counter with a standing guillotine choke. Mazo breaks away.

Mazo with a body kick. Another kick for her. Both ladies exchange straight punches in the final seconds of the round, and Mazo did actually get the better of that, though ate punches herself, before attempting a big kick too just as the round ends.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Mazo. Another lands. Side kick to the body from Agapova. Leg kick for Mazo. Mazo tries another leg kick, but eats punches in response.

Agapova with a few punches as Mazo tries to work into the clinch without success. Body punch and a crushing right hook behind it from Agapova rocks Mazo and as she collapses to her knees she instantly pounces on a rear-naked choke and forces an almost instant tap-out.

Big submission win for Agapova at the 53 second mark of the final round to get back to winning ways in style!

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