Matt Brown Ends Career With KO Victory Over Diego Sanchez At UFC Fight Night 120

Matt Brown demolished Diego Sanchez in the final fight of his career tonight at UFC Fight Night 120 with a single devastating elbow strike.

Round One:

Sanchez immediately charges forward, throws a right hand and then tries for an immediate takedown. Brown defends well though and Sanchez is left trying to keep him in place against the cage. He lands a few knees to the legs from there.

Sanchez not able to work the takedown though and he eventually backs up. Brown looking to strike and it’s not long before Sanchez again goes for the takedown and again doesn’t get anywhere with it.

Back to striking range again and Sanchez lunges into a left hand. Sanchez with a low single that Brown easily steps away from. Brown with a jab. Sanchez with a body kick that’s caught by Brown.

Brown with an elbow. Body kick for Sanchez and Brown’s legs buckle momentarily and he grimaces, but then just gets back to fighting.

Low kick from Brown lands solidly. He’s keeping his body protected though as he stares down Sanchez.

Brown catches a kick and then lands a huge elbow that splats Sanchez face first onto the canvas and that’s it, he’s out and Brown just earned himself a memorable KO victory at 3.44mins of the first round in the final fight of his career!

Great stuff from Brown, though you have to wonder if that will give him second thoughts about retiring.

As for Sanchez, moving up to welterweight after the first clean KO loss of his career always looked like a risky move, and having now suffered another quick loss he should really be considering when is the right time for him to hang up his gloves.


  1. You are just too nice. If you want to see a replay of that fight, just pick up a sack of potatoes and drop them from 5 feet above the ground. You will see Diego Sanchez collapsing.
    He should have retired several years ago and saved himself the punishment he has been taking over the years. He hasn’t gotten any better since the TUF show. If anything, he has gotten worse. He abandoned his wrestling for striking and he can’t hit anything. I hope the UFC ends his contract for his own good.


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