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Mayweather Vs McGregor Within Reach Of Domestic PPV Record

According to Showtime Executive Vice-President Stephen Espinoza, the Mayweather Vs McGregor event is within reach of the domestic pay-per-view record, but it’s not yet guaranteed to break it.

Floyd Mayweather set the current record of 4.6 million buys domestically for his mega-fight with Manny Pacquiao in 2015, and Espinoza says the boxing superstar’s retirement fight against Conor McGregor is within that ballpark too.

“It’s too early to declare a hard number,” Espinoza told the L.A.Times, adding that it was, “tracking in the mid-to-high 4 million pay-per view buys.

“If we don’t reach the record, we’re going to be very, very close.  We consider it a massive success.”

Earlier this week UFC President Dana White was caught on camera telling Urijah Faber and Snoop Dogg that the PPV had done in the region of 6.5 million buys, but it’s believed that he could have been referring to a potential worldwide total, rather than the more commonly cited North American number.

Either way, it’s impressive that anyone was able to get close to the Mayweather Vs Pacquiao event, which was billed as ‘The Fight Of The Century’ and set a record number that no-one had believed to have been possible at the time, and the fact that an MMA fighter was involved makes it all the sweeter.

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