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Michael Bisping Says Fighting Again Wasn’t Worth The Risk Of Losing His Sight

Michael Bisping has been talking more about his reasons for deciding to retire, and a fear of going blind is at the top of the list.

“It’s been a hell of a ride, it’s been amazing, but I knew watching that movie, I’m like, yeah, this is it, this is the end,” Bisping said on ‘The MMA Hour’ podcast. “I can’t do this to my family anymore. I can’t do it to myself.

“Obviously my eye is in terrible shape, and my good eye, I’m having a couple of issues with that as well. Nobody wants to go blind, and a friend of mine as well said, ‘You know if you went blind, you would give any amount of money in the world and get your sight back,’ and of course you would, so it just isn’t worth it.”

Nevertheless, Bisping admits it’s been a tough decision to make, and one that he’ll no doubt be left with some lingering regrets about.

“Now, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to miss it terribly. I’m going to miss it every day. Every time I watch a fight, I’m going to wish I could do it. So, I will miss the sport terribly, I’ll still train, still keep in shape. I’ll probably still flirt with the idea of having a fight again, so that why I told the UFC to take me out of the USADA testing pool, so it’s not just as easy as saying I’ll fight next month. No, I’ve got to go through the testing pool again, so I’m officially retired on all fronts.”

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